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Christmas Time for Me


We managed to have several Christmas parties with friends before coming to my mom’s house but now the holiday exhaustion and general relaxation is starting to set in and we can’t do anything else except sleep, eat and watch movies. Perfect holiday I’d say.My holidays are being spent at my mom’s house with my boyfriend – although we did also have an early Christmas dinner with his family during the weekend because we can’t be with them now. We have a tradition of eating a huge dinner, watching Jiminy Cricket’s Christmas special on television and then opening all the presents around the tree. Naturally, my mom decided this would be a perfect time to embarrass me in front of my boyfriend by showing home videos of me as a baby. I guess embarrassing moments belong to any big family events.

Favorite presents:

  • Jak and Daxter ps3 games
  • lovely jewelry
  • good times with friends and family

Best memories:

  • playing a role-playing game with family
  • eating Christmas dinner
  • watching home videos

How are all of you spending the holidays?

Pre-Christmas Vacation

Last week I decided to visit my high school friend, Vanessa, in Turku and spend the entire weekend with her. I took a train to her place and already on the first day there we managed to do all our Christmas shopping, go for coffee, attend a traditional Russian Christmas party and go to an Irish pub to listen to both live Irish songs as well as Christmas carols. It was a hectic day but I haven’t felt so stress-free in a long time. I had forgotten what it feels like not to have a million school and work project weighing on your shoulders all the time. We had planned to finish up some of our last school projects on Sunday and somehow managed to do them quickly and efficiently. Even though we weren’t working alone, it was so much easier to do the projects with someone there to help come up with new ideas. I guess a fresh pair of eyes and a new outlook was all we needed to get things done. While there, I took some photos of Vanessa’s room because she has some of the cutest artwork and prettiest things there. Also, I just adore how eclectic her bedroom looks.


Tea With a Jane Austen Classic

Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. Her Emma was first published in 1815 and it still remains as one of the most popular classics of all time. The complex story tells of a young girl who overestimates her skills in matchmaking and causes misunderstandings all over her small community. Sounds eerily like modern high school or college. Emma captivates readers of all ages and it’s easy to find yourself engrossed in the realm of love and passion.

emma book cover

The book is named after its lovely and naive main character Emma who has some serious character flaws but who still finds her way to the readers’ hearts. Emma has a distorted image of her matchmaking skills and she tries to bring happiness to her friends (and even more so to herself) by helping them to find “true love”. Unfortunately Emma is probably the last person who should be trying to bring people together: she has no understanding of the way love works, which she proves by successfully convincing her friend Harriet to turn down a proposal from the man she loves. Instead Emma manipulates Harriet into believing that she has feelings for a local vicar. Of course the vicar in return loves Emma instead of Harriet. The book is entirely constructed of similar mishaps through which the reader can only laugh.

The book features a variety of characters: Mr. Knightley (Emma’s brother in-law) has an important role to play in the story and he’s one of the smartest and insightful people found in the novel. He creates a much needed contrast to Emma’s self-centricity as well as to her father’s naivete and the vicar’s ambition. The impact that the men in Emma’s life have on her views of love is interesting to say the least. The diversity of the characters ensures that the reader will have no room for boredom.

The lovely, traditional village of Highbury in Surrey is the perfect setting for discussing serious subjects like women’s station in life, pursuit of love and marriage, as well as financial security and its role in marriage. Jane Austen had a clearly controversial view of women’s role in society; it’s easy to find the hidden themes between the lines but that doesn’t exclude the pure enjoyment that comes from reading this exhilaratingly funny period drama.

I’d personally recommend this book for anyone looking for something witty and romantic to read over the holidays!

Photography at an Indoor Market

I absolutely love photography, and so, me and my friend decided to go take photos outside. But guess what! — it was way too cold! After shivering outside for a while we ended up taking a few photos at an indoor market but quickly switched to a coffee place in favor of cappuccinos and gossip. Here are the results of our slightly unlucky photo session though:

photography at a market

I’ve been crazy busy lately trying to scrounge up the last bit of energy I have in order to get through the final exams and essays before Christmas. Luckily, no matter what happens, I’ll be free after next week. Then I get to focus on decorating the house and buying presents. Anyone else super excited about Christmas?!