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Link Round-Up: January -14

Link roundup

My first link round-up:

Harry Shum’s inspiring story illustrated through words and dance

Maisie Williams’s Vine profile (the talented Arya from Game of Thrones):

Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer:

After being a redhead myself on few occasions I found this tumblr fascinating…made me long for my strawberry locks:

Beautiful and inspiring photography of ballerinas:

Interior Design: Tour of My Home

I thought I’d share a few photos of my apartment – kind of like a home tour – , which I’m always trying to redecorate and make prettier by the day. Right now we have a theme of some sorts going on in every room:

Turquoise Bali in the kitchen

home kitchen

Red Middle East in the library (yes, we have a library, it’s my baby)

home library

Crispy White and Neon Colors in the bedroom

home bedroom

and Earthy Exotic in the living room

home living room

It’s really important to make your apartment to look like you – it’s just sometimes quite hard when you’re a student and most likely on a budget because of that… For me it was difficult to compromise between my style and the used furniture I got from my mom when I moved into my own place. I couldn’t afford to be picky so I took the furniture and decorative items that I was given. I figured out a few little tricks for “disguising” the old stuff:

  • if you have nice colorful quilts or fabrics you can cover the old furniture to suit your own color theme (mine was pink, turquoise, orange and lime green so basically I just threw a lime green fabric over one couch and an orange cover on the other one)
  • one or two framed prints will quickly spruce up any place
  • you can try and sell some of the old stuff at a flea market and get new stuff with the money
  • ask your friends if they have anything they want to get rid of and maybe even swap things with them

Luckily now that I live with my boyfriend we have been able to buy stuff together and make it an even more eclectic mix of my style, my boyfriend’s penchant for colors like dark red, and my mom’s hand-me-down furniture.

Holiday Cheer To You All

This my last Christmas/vacation post because my school started today. Now it’s time to get back to normal routine (and stress out a bit more). Hope everyone had a great vacation!

Christmas Holiday Cheer