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8 Surprising Things About Cats


I thought I’d share with you a few things I learned while taking care of this little kitty mister, Sami, you see lying around here on the carpet. These are things I knew, things I learned and things I wish I knew (because they really freaked me out). Now Sami has gone back to its real owner but we are considering getting our own cat.

    • Cats’ nails grow also in girth, not just length, and this cause bits of the nail fall off so that the new nails has room to grow. I didn’t know this and hence thought Sami was ill or hurt when we started finding the outer layers of his nails around the house. Apparently this is one of the reasons why cats claw furniture (so not only the sharpening)
    • Their whiskers can fall off as well. So basically your cat can have bits falling from it but it’s not necessarily anything to be alarmed about :)
    • No matter how you think they won’t be able to jump to the highest of your closets, THEY WILL! It’s kind of insane how agile they are. Amazing jumping abilities…
    • Even the cats that seem picky about their food WILL eat if you stick to routines and feed them only at certain times and only proper cat food. Spoiling them rotten will help no one.
    • The occasional psychotic attack seems to be completely normal.
    • Even the most antisocial cats do enjoy being at least near their humans – not too close, but not too far either!
    • Catnip toys will only work for so long! After a while major boredom will ensue.
    • Even the chunky and antisocial ones like to show off their bellies (as is proven by the picture above)

IMG_4964 2

What to Wear to a Wedding: Style Guide

wedding what-to-wear

I got invited to my cousin’s wedding and I wanted to share a little style guide on what to wear to a wedding where you are as a guest. I haven’t attended too many weddings, so it was a lot of fun to try out these different styles.

wedding style 1

    • the first dress I love and it would’ve been appropriate for the wedding (it’s modest but stylish)
    • the second dress I decided against because I felt I would’ve looked like I was part of the wedding – so this style would be great for a bridesmaid or a flower girl but maybe not a guest
    • this last dress I like and it would’ve also been appropriate but since it is winter right now I wanted to go with a more colorful dress

So in the end I went with this bright red short dress, which I got from Mango in Indonesia. I covered up with a cute but edgy blazer from Fashion Union.

wedding style 2

My Travels Around the World: Italy

I don’t know if you remember but I absolutely love traveling. As I was cleaning my files on my computer I also dug up a few old pictures from my trip to Italy. I miss it so much – I hope I get to go there again one day!

italy 1

italy 2

Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

valentine's day 1

Me and my boyfriend Ari actually ended up spending Valentine’s Day the day after Valentine’s Day because we were both exhausted on Friday after a long week. We had decided already in advance that we’d book a table at one of the most charismatic restaurants in Helsinki – Cantina West. It’s a huge Mexican restaurant that has delicious foods and where all the waiters wear stetsons. I ended up having probably the healthiest thing they had on menu – a chicken salad with lots of fruit – while Ari opted for one of their famous burgers. After stuffing our faces (yes, it was extremely romantic), we headed for coffee since we had some time to kill before a movie. We had bought tickets to see Philomena, one of the Oscar nominated films. I thought it was a really touching and at times even hilarious film – even though it was a drama. For some reason, lately I’ve been watching a lot of movies that make me cry like a little baby and this, at times, was one of those kinds of movies. Nonetheless, it was a great date movie (I definitely recommend it to everyone) because of the lack of action and more importantly because of the outstanding performances by both Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan.

valentine's day 2

Four Valentine’s Day Looks Under 100$

Here are four very different Valentine’s Day looks that are all very affordable: the whole look is under 100$.

Valentine's Outfits

1. Classy for a restaurant

Red bodycon mini skirt 5,47$ Karma Clothing & Pearl collar t-shirt 45$ Oasis

2. Comfy for a movie night

boyfriend low jeans 39,95$ H&M & AE Chunky sweater 29,95$ AE

3. Romantic for a coffee date

Love to Lounge Pullover 22,80 $ Forever21 & Blush Tea Length Tulle Skirt 36,90$ Windsor Store

4. Sexy for clubbing

Leopard print cami top 29,54$ Jane Norman & Short faux leather skirt 24,95$ H&M

The Love Book: Best Valentine’s Purchase!

During the weekend I stumbled upon an article and ended up doing something I have NEVER done in my entire life: I paid for an app. I saw an article on The Love Book – a book AND also an app that has famous love poems, quotes and other excerpts related to love. Many of the poems are narrated for the app by such talented people as Emma Watson (my idol), Tom Hiddleston (my fangirl crush) and Helena Bonham Carter (one of my favorite actresses). I can’t tell you how many poems I’ve already listened to while drinking coffee and looking at rain beating down the windows. Especially Helena Bonham Carter’s voice is perfect for the audio, she has a way of making the poetry just float straight into the listener’s soul.

The Love Book is an actual book as well if you prefer to be able to turn the leaves. I wanted the app because of the audio option, which can actually be very relaxing; I think I’m going to make a habit out of listening to the poems before going to sleep. At only 3.27$ the app is inexpensive while at the same time offering so much. For example, the selection of poetry ranges from William Blake to John Lennon. You can also favorite excerpts or even make a poem of your own.

You can get more information and download the app HERE!

Check out the trailer for The Love Book below:

Liebster Award Post (2nd One)

YES, another Liebster Award post! I know I did one just a few days ago but Ingrid, the beautiful owner of Smilingrid, nominated me again so I wanted to answers her questions. I know some of you might not feel like reading another long Liebster post (although you should since I’m nominating some amazing blogs), so I’m going to let everyone decide for themselves: If you want to read the full post, you can see it after the jump.

Beauty Photography: My Friend Anna

Pretty much my only attempt at beauty photography. At least my lovely friend Anna was a good sport about it.



Liebster Award Nomination

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Madison of C’est la Moot!

liebster award


So basically the idea of this award is to give a shout-out to those blogs who don’t have such a huge following but are great nonetheless :)

The rules are as follows:
-You post 11 random facts about yourself
-You answer 11 questions that the person who nominated you will post
– And finally, you choose 11 new blogs with under 200 followers for their Liebster Award!

Check out my random facts, answers and nominations after the jump! Continue reading

A Peak Into My Bag

What I have in my bag:

a-peak-into-my bag

1. My Tiimari pencil case (a mere 2 euros that one)

2. A bright Marie Claire wallet from a Asia’s biggest mall in Indonesia

3. Another product from Indonesia (ITC): my make-up bag

4. A Doctor Who day planner for 2014 (one of my favorite purchases this winter) which you can buy here

5. my (also pink) bus card

6. a key to my house (duh)

7. My red Nokia 700 phone

8. An old Creative Zen Mozaic mp3 player

9. Slayer Slang by Michael Adams (research for my BA thesis)

10. a pink coin purse which I got from my friend as a present