Liebster Award Post (2nd One)

YES, another Liebster Award post! I know I did one just a few days ago but Ingrid, the beautiful owner of Smilingrid, nominated me again so I wanted to answers her questions. I know some of you might not feel like reading another long Liebster post (although you should since I’m nominating some amazing blogs), so I’m going to let everyone decide for themselves: If you want to read the full post, you can see it after the jump.

So basically the Liebster Award helps us small blogs to gain recognition and let our readers know a bit more about us!  The rules for the award are:
  • Link back to the whomever nominated you!
  • Answer the 11 questions that person gave you!
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  • Make up 11 questions for them to answer!
  • Post 11 facts about your self!
Here are my answers to Ingrid’s questions:
1) What was your favorite TV show as a kid? Charmed – no doubt about it. I also loved Gilmore girls and Buffy but Charmed was my all-time favorite. I still love it and have all eight seasons on dvd.
2) What is a style (from any time period) that you would want to try out? Maybe punk style from the eighties. I really like 20s and 40s as well. I can’t choose! Classic Audrey Hepburn style would be pretty perfect (although I’m not sure it’s very different from my normal style).
3) What is your favorite book-turned-movie? Umm…how on earth am I supposed to choose between Harry Potters and Lord of the Rings? I refuse to do so.
4) If we actually celebrated ”opposite day” as a society, what would you use that holiday for? Personally I’d use it to act out desires like being social and saying what I actually think (which normally isn’t very natural to me) but I think society could use it as an opportunity to do everything like help the needy and stop fighting wars which usually people only talk about instead of act upon. I’m not sure that made sense. I’m very tired. Moving on.
5) What is the geekiest thing you like and/or do? Well, anyone who knows me well knows that I have gone to line up for all the Harry Potter movies and books in a full Hogwarts get-up and I’m constantly on tumblr fangirling over everything.
6) What is something you’re proud of? I translated a book. That’s one accomplishment I’m insanely proud of. It was a short book for children about having a parrot as a pet but for me it was a huge deal.
7) Who is your favorite Disney couple?  Do Will and Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean count? If not, then maybe Mulan and Shang :)
8) What event are you most excited for in the Olympics? Uhh, I’m just hoping for Finland to win in something :P But probably figure skating. I’m not into following sports but I like figure skating.
9) What is your favorite sandwich topping? chicken and chunky salsa sauce…it’s delicious!!
10) What fictional character do you feel most connected to? Probably Hermione Granger because I relate to being an over-achiever, not having tons many friends when I was younger, liking studying and reading, etc.
11) Choose one: Peanut butter or Nutella? In Finland, neither is a very big thing…but I HAVE tasted peanut butter and I didn’t like it so I’ll go with Nutella (even though I haven’t tasted it).
Here are the lovely people I’m nominating:
  1. Kimberly  @ Kimberly’s Chronicle
  2. Mo @ Ollivander Mo
  3. Jackie  @ Penne & Pearls
  4. Jessica  @ A Cup of Jessica
  5. Taryn @ Seriously, Taryn?
  6. Constance @ Prep Northwest
  7. Chloe @ Chloe at the Movies
Here are the question for my nominees:
  1. How would you describe your version of a perfect home?
  2. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?
  3. Who do you look up to most in life?
  4. Describe the greatest adventure you have ever been on?
  5. What super power do you dream of having?
  6. What is your earliest memory?
  7. Growing up, what was your favorite board game?
  8. Favorite quote in life?
  9. Coolest thing you have ever been for Halloween?
  10. What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now?
  11. What’s the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?
And here are my 11 facts:
  1. I get too emotionally attached to fictional characters (I cry over them TOO much).
  2. I have unhealthy coffee drinking habits (usually 5 cups by the afternoon).
  3. I don’t really know how to say no and I always think that no one wants to hear what I have to say. Yeah, I have horrible social anxieties.
  4. I’m left handed.
  5. My nose is naturally very red so I always look a bit sunburned from the nose. Yup, bad skin. Not fun.
  6. I write poetry but never let anyone read it.
  7. I’m horrible at getting to know new people.
  8. I don’t know how to sleep on my left side.
  9. Some day I want to travel to Tibet.
  10. I hardly ever do homework or work on my desk – I’m always in bed or on the floor.
  11. I make really good pancakes.