What to Wear to a Wedding: Style Guide

wedding what-to-wear

I got invited to my cousin’s wedding and I wanted to share a little style guide on what to wear to a wedding where you are as a guest. I haven’t attended too many weddings, so it was a lot of fun to try out these different styles.

wedding style 1

    • the first dress I love and it would’ve been appropriate for the wedding (it’s modest but stylish)
    • the second dress I decided against because I felt I would’ve looked like I was part of the wedding – so this style would be great for a bridesmaid or a flower girl but maybe not a guest
    • this last dress I like and it would’ve also been appropriate but since it is winter right now I wanted to go with a more colorful dress

So in the end I went with this bright red short dress, which I got from Mango in Indonesia. I covered up with a cute but edgy blazer from Fashion Union.

wedding style 2