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Magnificent Majestical Jewelry

I recently won Ingrid‘s Majestical jewelry giveaway and got a 20$ gift card to spend on their online store, and now I wanted to do a mini review about the jewelry that I ended up buying. After Ingrid told me I had won, I couldn’t wait at all and instead went ahead and ordered – after an hour of trying to choose between all the amazing pieces – a necklace and a pair of earrings. I chose to get real statement pieces because I normally just wear a lot of delicate jewelry. The necklace I got is not too over the top for my taste but is still very edgy and brilliantly spices up any outfit. The earrings are also really magnificent, perfect for some fabulous party!


Falling Flowers Earrings                                        Glowing Green Spike Necklace

majestical jewelry

The jewelry arrived really fast (usually I have to wait quite a long time for anything to arrive to Finland) and I can’t wait to wear my new lovelies! The necklace I already tried out – I love how it goes with anything from T-shirt and jeans to a fancy dress. The earrings I’ll wear next time I go out :)

Next I really want this beautifully bright pink pendant necklace!

Have you ever gotten any Majestical jewelry?

OOTD: Dungarees and a Leather Jacket

Finally my last exam is over (now just two essays, thesis, and a presentation left) so I have more time to blog! :D I thought I’d start with a my outfit of the day: Now that the weather has improved by about 100% and it’s clearly Spring, I wanted to get a new pair of dungarees. I found these really nice ones from H&M for only 30 €. I paired them with a pink T-shirt and my boyfriend’s mom’s old leather jacket (because it’s not quite warm enough yet to go without one).


Why University Is Best Time of Your Life

As my time doing the BA is closing to an end I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past three years at the university. I came up with some reasons why this has definitely been some of the best time of my life – and why it’ll probably be the same for most people.

  • You’ll go to some of the greatest parties: I’ve been to an American college party (those red cups!! :D ), movie party to which I dressed up as Miranda from Sex and the City, English tea party, etc.
  • You’ll learn to live on a budget! When you have no income and you’re trying to get by with the little bit of money that the government gives to students and whatever you manage to save up from your summer work, you will most definitely learn how to manage your finances. No more impromptu shopping or going out to eat whenever you feel like it.
  • You get to participate in activities that will give you useful skills for the future: I’ve learned writing skills from being in our student paper BTSB as well as leadership and activity planning skills from being a tutor for the freshmen.
  • You’ll get the luxury of incorporating your own interests into your studies: so far I’ve gotten to write an essay on feminism in Gilmore Girls; western movie influences in fantasy shows like Charmed, Buffy, and Supernatural; and now I’m doing my thesis on language use in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I’m also on a food culture course right now where our final project involves cooking and next month I’ll be doing an intensive Beatles course.
  • You’ll gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences: I went to a Shakespeare study trip to Stratford and saw Billy Boyd and David Tennant. My. Life. Complete.
  • You get to hear from inspiring lecturers – there is nothing more amazing than listening to a truly inspiring teacher who talks about the things that you eventually want to pursue in life (in my case, translation and writing).
  • You make amazing friends who will stay with you, hopefully as long as you live! :)

university life
First picture features Billy Boyd from Macbeth (although most of us know him from LotR. And that’d be me in my English philology overalls :)

Quick Update

  • I had a horrible flu just a little while ago (just on time for my big thesis presentation) so now that I have done a big part of my school projects, I’m just trying to relax and take it easy so I won’t get sick again. Normally I’d just push myself just as hard as normal but then I always end up getting sick several times in a row. Not this time! Okay…just kidding – I am swamped with projects so I do work super hard, but I am definitely trying to take better care of myself.
  • I recently started emailing and writing letters with the super amazing Ingrid from Smilingrid (go check out her blog, okay?) and I would love to get some more people to write to regularly… I miss letter writing; I feel like it’s a bit of a dying art and it’s so exciting to get mail – other than bills – so I thought I’d start a Pen Pal Project here on my blog. If anyone would be interested in exchanging emails or letters, go check out my new Pen Pal Project page for more information :) I’d love to interact with my readers more!
  • I’m working really hard on my Buffy the Vampire Slayer thesis paper (I love my topic :D ) since I don’t have a lot of time to finish it – it’s due already on 30th of this month! Scary! But I’m pushing through and hoping for the best :)

       willow_goddess     willow-flower

Pretty Little Liars Style – Emily Fields

Who else here loves Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars cast

I started watching Pretty Little Liars when it was already on its second season and I became obsessed. I find it exciting, sometimes downright scary, emotional and thrilling. It manages to surprise over and over again, which is something that not a lot of shows do anymore. I also love the different personalities of the girls, my favorites being Emily and Spencer (it’s scary how much I can usually relate to Spencer with her obsessiveness). I also like the fashion of the show; I could raid the closets of all the characters.

Pretty Little Liars Style - Emily Fields

I especially love Emily’s clothes because in my eyes they’re the perfect cross between pretty and comfortable. She manages to look perfectly polished in very casual clothes, which is quite a talent. I think I’m going to try to incorporate a look like this into my summer wardrobe :)

What do you like about PLL?

How to Dye Your Hair with Henna

As you might have noticed, I dye my hair red. Quite frequently actually. My natural color is a very mousy dirty blonde and I like to have a bit more vibrant locks. Since my hair is very thin and fine, I do try to use only natural colors without any chemicals. This is why I have turned to body quality henna. I mix it with hot water (boiled) so that it turns into a paste that is easy to slather all over your hair. Then I keep it on for a few hours and wash it off. Don’t be fooled by the weird green color or the grassy smell – it actually gives a natural red hair without any damage. In fact, my hair usually feels silkier and thicker after using henna.

Ingredients to get a very intense red: few drops of lemon juice, bit of paprika, bit of ground coffee or red wine.

Tip: If you have time, let the henna mix breathe for about 24 h – it’ll make it more potent and make the color stay longer.

In other news:
Just a warning: I am going to be a bit inconsistent with my posting for the next few weeks because we are launching a Her Campus Chapter here in Helsinki (YAY!) and my thesis work is due in three weeks (YIKES!) Bear with me! :)

Apartment Haul

Me and my boyfriend decided recently to update our home decor a little bit and did a trip to Ikea (and a few other stores). We managed to find quite a lot of really nice things  and now our apartment looks nicer than ever. It’s amazing how cheap some of the items were; we managed to fit almost all the things we got into our original carpet budget, which was pretty mind-boggling.

Here’s what we got:


For the bedroom: Gulört rug and BILLY bookcase from Ikea, couple of scented candles from H&M, a cake stand (which I’m using for jewelry and make-up), Olunda love letter and Olunda splash pictures from Ikea, a white candle dish from Ikea

apartment living room

For the living room: a tray from Kodin Säästöpiste, two Trådklöver rugs from Ikea, a cotton cushion cover from H&M, a LACK coffee table from Ikea
For the bathroom: a laundry basket from Kodin säästöpiste

What do you think of our purchases? :)

Outfit of the Day: Classy Casual

Outfit of day: a classy but nonetheless casual ensemble for a coffee date with a friend. I didn’t want to overdress but I wanted to look nice.


So, I paired a nice mint colored shirt with a simple gray, short skirt.

My Usual Make-Up Routine

My usual make-up routine consists of a few simple steps. I can’t put too much make-up on my face because my skin is very sensitive and it has actually taken a really long time for me to find just the right products that don’t cause me to break out. I’ve now managed to settle into a pretty simple make-up routine:

  • light layer of foundation applied with a brush after thoroughly moisturizing my face
  • powder my face very lightly (focusing on the nose, which gets very oily during the day)
  • apply a bit of blush (with a brush) on the apples of the cheeks
  • apply wax on the eyebrows for some definition
  • apply a few coats of mascara

and if I want a night-time look then I add lipstick and eyeliner



My Makeup Routine