Why University Is Best Time of Your Life

As my time doing the BA is closing to an end I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past three years at the university. I came up with some reasons why this has definitely been some of the best time of my life – and why it’ll probably be the same for most people.

  • You’ll go to some of the greatest parties: I’ve been to an American college party (those red cups!! :D ), movie party to which I dressed up as Miranda from Sex and the City, English tea party, etc.
  • You’ll learn to live on a budget! When you have no income and you’re trying to get by with the little bit of money that the government gives to students and whatever you manage to save up from your summer work, you will most definitely learn how to manage your finances. No more impromptu shopping or going out to eat whenever you feel like it.
  • You get to participate in activities that will give you useful skills for the future: I’ve learned writing skills from being in our student paper BTSB as well as leadership and activity planning skills from being a tutor for the freshmen.
  • You’ll get the luxury of incorporating your own interests into your studies: so far I’ve gotten to write an essay on feminism in Gilmore Girls; western movie influences in fantasy shows like Charmed, Buffy, and Supernatural; and now I’m doing my thesis on language use in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I’m also on a food culture course right now where our final project involves cooking and next month I’ll be doing an intensive Beatles course.
  • You’ll gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences: I went to a Shakespeare study trip to Stratford and saw Billy Boyd and David Tennant. My. Life. Complete.
  • You get to hear from inspiring lecturers – there is nothing more amazing than listening to a truly inspiring teacher who talks about the things that you eventually want to pursue in life (in my case, translation and writing).
  • You make amazing friends who will stay with you, hopefully as long as you live! :)

university life
First picture features Billy Boyd from Macbeth (although most of us know him from LotR. And that’d be me in my English philology overalls :)

  • So much truth! Oh, college :) I LOVE that you went to an American themed party, that’s hilarious! PLUS AH SHAKESPEARE STUDY TRIP JEALOUSY!

    • Haha, yeah…American college seems quite different from ours so it was a fun theme to have. Beer pong, “American clothes”, red cups and so on :P And the Shakespeare study trip was so much fun last fall! One of the most amazing things ever – theater every night <3 I think you would've really loved it :)

  • College was the best time of my life, and some days I just miss it so much! I made some awesome memories. There are some things in college that you do that you’ll never get the opportunity to do again.

    • Ain’t that the truth :) I’m a little sad that my BA times are almost over but luckily I’m starting my MA right after so nothing will actually change for a few years. But I can’t even imagine how it’ll feel to not go to uni again.