My Life Lately: an Update

life lately

A little update on what I’ve my life lately:

  • Barbecue at our friend Riku’s house: brilliant food (smoked salmon, lamb, salad, etc) and good company!
  • Dinner with Ari’s dad and his girlfriend: we went to Helmi Grilli, which is a restaurant at the mall near our house.
  • Enjoying the company of our new kitten, Merlin: he’s growing up so fast and it’s a lot of fun seeing all the new things he keeps learning!
  • Cycling to the nearest beach: there’s a beach 30 min bike ride away from our house and we have been going there a lot – there’s a cafĂ© that serves the best salmon soup and pancakes and the water is finally warm enough for swimming!
  • Throwing a surprise party to our friend: more about this in the next blog post ;)


  • there’s so much awesome going on in this list, I don’t even know where to start! It sounds like you’re having a summer filled with great food, friends, and cuteness (seriously, though, Merlin owns the heart of the internet <3)

    • Yeah, it’s been a great summer! (Especially once we got over the miserable weather in June) Merlin is such a sweetheart! He’s growing up so fast, every day he is able to jump higher (which means more and more furniture and other things are in danger :P ).

  • I don’t understand how Merlin is able to sleep in that position (the pic on the lower left side). It’s like the upper part of his body is suspended by strings. It must be magic.

    Hey, I recognize what beach you’re referring to! :D Though it doesn’t take a lot of detective work, considering we’re talked about it before.

    • Haha, Merlin has proven to be able to sleep pretty much in any sort of position; it’s crazy.
      :D Yeah, it’s such a convenient beach since it’s so close and it’s so big.

  • Merlin is ridiculously adorable! Sounds like a good summer so far. :D

    • He is!! He’s a bit of rascal now that he’s growing up and trying to learn all the house rules :P It’s definitely been a great and eventful summer so far :)