Flow Festival 2014

I was SO meant to post this last week but somehow time just flew by and I forgot. But here it is: very simple recap of Flow Festival! It’s a great summer festival that often features both mainstream and underground artists – in fact, I go there pretty much every summer.

flow 1

One of the best things about Flow is that you can hop on the metro near my house and take it to the festival area in 20 minutes…no need to sleep in a crummy tent!

flow 2

flow 3

I hope I can continue to go every summer – so far I have not been disappointed. And the price range is great: usually for 80 euros you can see 3-4 great artists (plus some you didn’t even know you wanted to see!).

  • This is a really cool collage for showing what you experienced there.

  • At first when I saw 10.08. 14 I thought that meant October (lol) What an awesome concert! That’s why I LOVE the summer, there are so many fun festivals. I also saw Janelle Monae this summer, she’s great live! I’ve seen Big Boi before as well but never Outkast!

    • It was such a great concert – it’s actually the only festival I go to during the year (we don’t have too many great festivals here). Hope you get a chance to see Outkast live at some point, they were amazing! :)