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Art & Design at ArtHelsinki14 and Habitare pt 1

I’m so behind on my blog posts because I’ve been sick but I’ll try and empty my drafts folder this week and show you all the cool stuff I’ve been working on!

A few weeks ago I got went to the local art and design fair ArtHelsinki 2014 plus some other fairs (they all are organized at the same time in the same building), and I have to say, they were all amazing! I loved seeing all the contemporary art they had on display and I wish I could’ve bought some pieces for our apartment. Nonetheless, it was nice to just take a day off from routines and go and see so many new things!


Even though the event is annual, I have never been there – but I’ll definitely consider going again next year because I got so much home decor inspiration as well as inspiration for creative projects. I have to admit that the light fair I neglected a little bit because my interests were in the art and the design but the light installations I saw were amazing as well!

Jukka-Rintala design art

These paintings were some of my favorites: I just love watercolors! You can actually buy these paintings online here!

More pictures to come in part 2!!

Link Round-Up: September -14

Link roundup

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a link round-up, so here you go:

Check out this list for things that no one tells you about being a Harry Potter fanatic  (I hope you’re just as obsessed as I am!)

Some lesser known facts about Harry Potters

This little chart from 9GAG perfectly pictures my levels of being awake:

And this on the other hand, I feel depicts life with Instagram (here’s a good chance to check out mine) quite nicely:

My wonderful friend Vanessa is blogging about her exchange year in Hong Kong and EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!

I’m currently obsessing over Outlander and wanted you to check out the cuteness of the main actors!

And if you’re already familiar with Outlander, here’s a list of the reasons why Sam Heughan is the perfect Jamie


This round-up was a bit short but I guess it shows well what I obsess over :P

OOTD: Flow-y Top and a Long Vest

Another outfit post :) I recently got this new black long vest and I figured I’d pair it with something cute and flow-y – a.k.a. my Audrey Hepburn tunic top, which I bought from Indonesia last year.


I also wanted to combine them with my new black leggings, which I’ve reserved for tops that a slightly too short to be dresses but too long be just regular shirts. The leggings are the ones I got from Tallinn from Reserved.


Any thoughts on my OOTD?

Summary of My Summer

I feel like I’ve been putting off this post just because I don’t want to admit that summer is over but I guess now that I’m in my second week of my Master’s studies, I have to give in. It’s officially fall now. My summer was great though, and I wanted to share some highlights with you:

summer collage

I read so many amazing books (hopefully I’ll have time to whip up reviews about some them for you guys) during the vacation! I always have to wait for vacations before I can read the books I’ve gotten as a present or bought for myself since we have so much stuff to read for school during the year.

I also ate some of the most delicious stuff during the summer: pancakes (SO MANY PANCAKES!), fruit and salads, delicious grilled salmon, etc. I love food…I can’t help it.

summer muffin

We also went to the beach a lot since we can bike there easily from our house. I love swimming and just reading in the sun so going to the beach was a great way to combine those with exercise.

Now it’s time to get ready for the fall, which is in fact my favorite season although I already feel really swamped with different responsibilities. Hopefully it will be a fun semester though with plenty of exciting new adventures!

Cat Photography: Merlin

Merlin – my new cat – has grown up so much during the past month! He’s doubled in size and he’s now super active little rascal :D It’s so much fun having him cheer you up every single day. Here’s a few pictures I’ve taken of him lately.

merlin cat 1 merlin cat 2