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Ireland pt 1: Galway and Cliffs of Moher


In Galway

I took advantage of my reading week from the university and went to Galway, Ireland. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and since the lovely Ingrid from Smilingrid is doing an exchange there, I thought I’d pay her a visit and see Galway. I was in a dire need of a vacation and this was the perfect cure! Galway was such a picturesque town with the absolute friendliest people I have ever met! I stayed right in the center of town in Kinlay Hostel, which was perfect for my needs (cheap, good location and free wifi).


During my first day there, Ingrid showed me around town (the little shops and pubs were so adorable!) – including the university, a ride around in a sight-seeing bus (disguised as a mini train), and much more. We also went to the local market, where we had delicious crepes and doughnuts. I, of course, ended up buying an eternity knot necklace made of cherry wood as well as a Claddagh ring.

At the Cliffs of Moher

We had already agreed beforehand that we’d spend the second day taking a tour to the Cliffs of Moher, a stunning sight on any day! Before that we had to get breakfast at a proper tea room though: Cupán Tae near the Spanish Arch. Best tea, sandwiches and scones I’ve ever had.

ireland galway

The Cliffs were absolutely stunning! I can’t even describe how beautiful it was there. The wind was gushing and at one point it even rained but that didn’t matter, because it was simply too amazing. We were just really happy to be there. There’s nothing better for stressed out mind than standing on the edge of a cliff with a several hundred meter drop to the ocean. We even saw a double rainbow. Magic.

cliffs of moher

The rest of my trip is divided into two more posts. I went to Connemara, which I’ll tell you about in the next post and my last day in Ireland was spent in Dublin, which I saved for the last post. Hope you guys will like them!

Style Inspiration: Luna Lovegood

As a continuation of the Buffy and Sookie style posts I’ve done, here’s one of Luna Lovegood, the lovable hippie-ish friend of Harry Potter’s. Her style is very fluid and flow-y, incorporating hippie vibes and pastels into an earthy wardrobe. She has a lot of lilac and pink as well as light blue in her clothing. The items are always perfectly suited to her strange but charismatic character.

Luna Lovegood: Quirky Cool

I tried to incorporate here the colors typical to Luna and the soft femininity of many of her dresses and tops. Her personality shows in every item of clothing, which is really admirable.

Maybe a possibility for a Halloween costume? ;)

//This post was scheduled as I’m in Ireland when this post is being published. So, as soon as I get back I’ll be posting about my trip!

Traveling to Tallinn: Food, Sights, Zoo

Recently I went on (yet another) cruise to Tallinn. It was a bit of a miracle, because we had the perfect summer weather there even though autumn had already arrived. It was so unbelievable warm that we were walking around in T-shirts. I went with m boyfriend and a big bunch of our friends. The start for the trip was a bit grueling since we had gone to sleep around 2 am (some of us even later) and we had to vacate the cabin at 6:45 am. Scary.
The beginning of the day flew by while we walked around the gorgeous Old Town and visited a few churches there. We also rested our feet at a lovely little cafe.

tallinn with boys

In the Old Town, there are two lookout points that give you a wonderful view of Tallinn. We walked to both of them before heading to the Tallinn Zoo.

Beauty in the Old Town

Tallinn Old Town view

tallinn Old-Town

old town in tallinn

The zoo was great, especially because the weather was so wonderful for walking around. The animals were adorable as well – although we were disappointed at not seeing elephants there.
None of us really did much shopping (apparently guys don’t go there to shop – shocker!) but we did have a great day just seeing everything Tallinn has to offer. Most of us had been there several times before so we didn’t feel the need to rush around and try to see everything. We took our time and just enjoyed the time we had. Also, I love traveling but if I have a schedule with every minute allotted, I don’t enjoy it as much. As the last pit stop, I guided the guys to the Medieval restaurant in the town square (in Old Town), which I had been to during my previous trip. Everyone loved the pastries and the elk soup there. All in all, the whole trip was a huge success.

gamespeopleplay tallinn

Nature Photography at Suomenlinna

So, a while back me and my boyfriend and a couple of my friends went to a student event at one of the islands on the coast of Helsinki: Suomenlinna. It’s such a lovely place to spend a day and we knew autumn weathers would really come down hard soon enough, so we took advantage and tagged along with a bunch of other students. I was more focus on photography instead of partying but the others didn’t seem to mind :P


suomenlinna island

suomenlinna photography

doughnut and smoothie

With some good picnic lunches and a healthy dose of energy we had a wonderful afternoon/evening at the island. It was drizzling a bit but that didn’t matter. I was busy snapping shots with my camera and before we knew it, the sun was coming down. This was one of those perfect days: good food, good friends, some nature photography and no class. More of those, please!


Art & Design at ArtHelsinki and Habitare pt 2

After a slightly scary weekend of server problems I now have the second part of my art and design fair adventure for you guys! This post includes my favorites from the fair (well, there many more but these I wanted to include here). I hope to go next year and check them out again (maybe with a bigger budget this time).

design favs

Aada sisustus (Aada design) had really beautiful pieces, very Hamptons and preppy nautical. Also, a lot of romantic furniture and art. I liked the lightness of their pieces but as a cat owner and as a student who has parties at her house quite often, I’d probably be scared to have e.g. a white couch. But maybe some day :)

The Destiny Store was probably my favorite even though it wasn’t really in my budget to buy anything from their table at the fair. The artwork they sell is somehow raw but beautiful and I just kept thinking of Edgar Allan Poe when I saw it. I could also see some Native American influence in the art prints. In addition to art prints they sold, for example, feathers, glass decorations and little pouches and bags.

habitare design

It was really inspiring to see several student works at the fair: I hope to some day do something just as beautiful as the pieces shown at the fair, I can’t believe all that talent in people who are my age! It’s so inspiring. Here you can check out more about the University of Lapland’s work and here is the blog for their installation. 

And what design or art did I end up purchasing?

ceramic mug and art

In the end, I didn’t buy much: I got a little deer print and a temporary tattoo with the same image. I also got a cute little mug from Keramiikkastudio Envalds’s (ceramics studio Envalds) stand. The mug is so pretty and lovely now during the fall.