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Making a Home: The Little Things I love

There are so many little things I love about my apartment. Now that me and Ari have gotten to decorate the place together it has those little touches that make it feel very personal and cozy. Previously, when I lived with my roommate in the same place, it was nice but it didn’t have that special something that make a place truly feel like home. Maybe it was the fact that most of the furniture was leftover from my mom, maybe it was the lack of personal items like paintings, or perhaps it was just that with the student budget (that I’m still on), we just couldn’t afford to make a huge effort with the place.

Now it’s different when I’m living with my boyfriend and we have consciously tried to buy pieces of furniture and other items that would reflect us as individuals as well as a couple. We compromise with some stuff but mostly we have quite similar tastes. The apartment looks younger and more energetic. No more hand-me-downs! (Well, we still have lots of old stuff but it’s balanced with the new.)


Books and magazines are definitely something we have plenty lying around. I couldn’t live without my books. I also tend to have a selection of my most used jewelry, perfumes and nail polishes on display for easy access.


Merlin is always napping somewhere, he’s such a sleepyhead.
We also have bunch of items from abroad, from different trips around Europe (and some items from Indonesia). We love to travel and it’s always nice to have something to come home with. These pieces remind us of the great memories.
We also have several paintings, most of which we chose together at one point or another. It’s nice to cover those big, empty white walls with beautiful art that will inspire you for years to come.



I absolutely adore the apartment we have right now but most likely we will have to move after a few years (prices are always going up and it is only a rental that is student budget friendly). But for now, we have really made it a home!

Link Round-Up: November -14

Link roundup

I know I haven’t done a link round-up in a while so here it goes:

An article on the pressure of having it all on Her Campus Helsinki.

Listen to the sounds of Hogwarts – I know I do when I’m studying ;)

This short movie featuring Mary Kate Wiles (from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries) is so adorable!

The Readerly Geek listed a while back the places books have made her want to visit and I can definitely agree on several of them!

Bookworms in Dresses had a fun list a while back with favorite authors.

Here’s a brilliant 30-Day Yoga Challenge┬áplaylist!

And finally tips on optimizing your resume from Levo League :)

Oh, and before you go, here – have a kitty!

black cat link round-up

Ireland pt 3: Dublin

During my last day in Ireland I went to Dublin (since my flight left from there) and walked around the city for hours.

In Dublin, Ireland

There would’ve been so much to see but, unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time. The city is so full of gorgeous architecture and so much history but I had to pick carefully. I did want to see Dublin Castle though, so that’s where I headed first. The castle was magnificent and I was really appreciative of their cheap student tickets! The castle has a lot of information on the history of Ireland and Dublin, which I at least was very fascinated by :)


I also wanted to see the Christ Church Cathedral, which was absolutely stunning. Very reminiscent of Hogwarts… I definitely recommend visiting it if you go to Dublin Castle, since the two are only about 5 minute walk apart from each other.

dublin ireland

The rest of my time I mostly walked around, trying to soak in all that there was to see. It was pouring rain but I didn’t mind much. It was great too see something outside of Galway and next time I’ll definitely make sure I’ll have more time to explore other cities as well.

Here ends my tour of Ireland – hope you checked out also parts 1 and 2.

Ireland pt 2: Galway and Connemara

Today you get the part two of my travels to Ireland. I had so much fun in Galway: I tried Guinness for the first time (so Irish, I know), went to the city museum to actually learn about the town I was staying in, and saw so many amazing landscapes!


During my third day in Galway I decided to take a tour to Connemara: an Irish speaking area in the West of Ireland with landscape straight out of Lord of the Rings. The main attraction of the tour was the Kylemore Abbey, which is situated next to a beautiful lake. The abbey was gorgeous and the misty weather made the area seem very serene and peaceful.


The abbey has a cathedral almost next to it, which was situated also along the little path that went along the lake. I walked that area for an hour and didn’t get tired of the scenery one bit. It was like a vacation for the mind.


I also included here a picture of Cup├ín Tae, which I talked about in the previous post as well, because it was such a lovely place and where I actually chose to have my last lunch on my last day in Galway. Next there’s the half a day in Dublin! I’ll try and post it soon :)