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#YearOfHappy: I Went Thrifting

yearofhappy This month’s #YearOfHappy linkup, hosted by the lovely Elizabeth at October June and Allison at Allisonleighann, instructed us to go thrifting (or to a Dollar Store, but we don’t really have those here) so I went to a couple of flea markets at Seinäjoki, while I was visiting my mom last weekend.

I try and avoid buying too many things on a whim but since these items were so cheap, I didn’t have a problem getting them. So, the light brown cardigan I got because no one can ever have too many chunky knits. This is perfect while it’s still cold but I want to wear a thin, summery top underneath. And the plaid tunic is so my style, that I couldn’t not get it. I love the bright colors and it’s casual enough for daily wear but it’s not like one of my winter-y flannel plaid shirts.


(Ugh, I do not like the quality of these pictures, but of course I waited until evening to take them and completely lost all the natural light…)

I try to mainly buy functional clothes that I can wear a lot and these two definitely fit the bill…Also, I didn’t really find much else – but I guess it’s a good thing, because it must mean I have pretty much everything I could want or need :)

5 Fandom Friday: To Be Read/Watched/Played

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday linkup topic was “Things I’ve Bought But Haven’t Read/Watched/Played Yet”. And there are so many… My biggest problem is books, because I buy them all the time and get them as presents and I never really have time to read anything other than school books.

5 Fandom Friday

1. Buffy season 8 Library Edition HC comic book

This is actually my most recent buy, because I’ve been drooling after these comics forever and I finally found them for the cheapest price in an online bookstore. So, I had to get it. Obviously.

2. Buffy: the Making of a Slayer

This book is so fabulous and I got it recently from London (it was on sale and dirt cheap!), but I haven’t gotten around to reading it. Can’t wait though – especially because I did read the introduction to it written by the lovely Amber Benson, who played Tara in BtVS.

3. Outlander #2: Dragonfly in Amber

I fell in love with Outlander when I started watching the tv show, and naturally I picked up the first book as soon as I could…and then I hinted that I wanted the next one for Christmas and my wish came through. I’d love to read it but it’s so thick and I’m in the middle of my exams so I’m scared to pick it up in case I won’t be able to stop reading it. But come vacation, and I’ll read it through in a few days :)

4. Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS3

My boyfriend got this game for me as a present because when I was younger I obsessed over Kingdom Hearts and I have to say that I really still like them a lot. We got the first game as well when it came out on PS3 and that’s why we got this too. We just haven’t really had the time to play it through yet (we’re maybe halfway through) because you really should have at least a few hours to spare when you start gaming…

5. Stanley Kubrick Bluray collection

This I actually got for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and we’ve been meaning to watch all the movies but have only gone through a couple so far.


You can find more information on the linkup from The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick.

London Haul: So Much Fandomness

Here is FINALLY my London haul post! Been crazy busy at school because of the looming exam week that I haven’t had much time to post even though I have a lot of stuff waiting for you guys, like this post, tomorrow’s 5 Fandom Friday, Valentine’s post, etc.

So anyway, this post is just to highlight some of the AMAZING stuff I got when I was in London. First of all, I had already planned before the trip that I really wanted to visit The Who Shop, which is a shop and a museum dedicated just for Doctor Who! How brilliant is that? I got some stuff like magazines, earrings, postcards, and a T-shirt. But the main reason for my visit was the museum. They had so much cool stuff like props and costumes there!

who shop fandom

I also went to the Harry Potter shop at King’s Cross, which was super adorable, although majorly crowded. I did find the cutest Platform 9 3/4 mug from there though! (And some other stuff…)

harry potter shop

Here you can see the full scope of everything I bought… So much fandom stuff! It made me super happy. Not pictured is the Buffy book that I ended up getting right before going to the airport on our way home. Gosh, I think I have a million Harry Potter shirts by now…

I also got bunch of stuff from Forbidden Planet and the Buffy book was actually from the Cinema Store so if you go to London, be sure to check them out!

fandom haul

Here are the very few non-fandom things I got. I had to grab a few books since it’s been a habit of mine forever. Also, I love bookstores in the UK! So, since I’ve been meaning to read more John Green’s books and I’ve wanted to read Fangirl for a while now, I grabbed these.

And what girl doesn’t need a new dress and a top every now and then? ;)


Tomorrow you can look forward to the latest 5 Fandom Friday! And I’ll try to get that Valentine’s Day recap post up asap :)

ALSO, I’d like to promo our English student paper BTSB, because our newest issue just came out and  wrote about fandom “sights” in London.

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Couples I Ship


It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday (a linkup hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick – check their amazing blogs out for more info!) and this time the topic is favorite fictional couples I ship.

I’m not like a huge shipper or anything but these couples make me very emotional… Unfortunately though, I had to leave out some that I really would’ve liked to include like Arwen and Aragorn (from LotR), Sherlock and Watson, Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt (from Charmed), etc.

But anyways, here are my (current) top 5 OTPs:

Favorite Fictional Couples

1. Spike and Buffy:

I liked Buffy and Angel, but somehow I felt that Spike’s edginess and sarcastic attitude was a better match for the Slayer. I felt really bad when Spike was so madly in love with Buffy and she was very cold toward him and just using him. I loved that in the end he got to redeem himself in her eyes.

2. Amy Pond and Rory Williams:

One of my favorite couples ever! I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving them…Their love was epic and they complemented each other perfectly. Rory’s compassion was the perfect match for Amy’s adventurousness.

3. The Doctor and River Song:

How cute are they?! It was nice that the Doctor finally met his match – someone as crazy, mysterious, and cool as him! Their story is so tragic and lovely at the same time. I don’t think I can ever gush about them enough.

4. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger:

Again, these two complement each other so well: Hermione is smart and compassionate, while Ron is spontaneous and humorous. I loved seeing their relationship develop throughout the story, from book to book, and finally blossom in the end. Also, can you imagine Hermione reading bedtime stories to their little red-haired children?

5. Willow and Tara:

So lovely, so tragic… I HATED the way their relationship ended: they got through SO much and it was heartless from Joss Whedon to do what he did (watch BtVS to find out – you’ll end up crying…A LOT). They were the sweetest couple (although oddly enough, I ship Willow and Oz as well) and they were so good to each other. Willow gave Tara so much confidence and strength and Tara helped Willow through many hardships and made her a stronger witch.

What couples do you ship? Did I leave some good ones out? (okay, I know I did…five is not enough)

5 Fandom Friday: Funko Pop Figures

It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday linkup post! If you want more information on the linkup, check out The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. And please join the linkup if you’re at all interested, it’s a lot of fun!

So, this week’s topic was our favorite Funko Pop figures, which I have dutifully listed below :D

Fandom 5: Favorite Funko Pop Figures

I have to admit that I don’t actually have any Funko Pop figures (this is one of the problems of living in Finland…we have nothing cool here). BUT, if I could get my hands on some of them, these following ones are my absolute favorites!

My Favorite Funko Pop Figures:

1. Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I even wrote my BA thesis based on Willow (and BtVS in general) so I just love this little Willow figure. She’s always been one of my favorite characters in a TV series EVER. (I also liked the Buffy and Spike figures…)

2. Smaug from the Hobbit

How cute is this one?! I’ve been a fan of Tolkien ever since I was a kid and Smaug is a great character…also, dragons rule.

3. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Did I already mention that dragons rule? …well then I guess it’s obvious why I’d want to have also the mother of dragons ;) Daenerys is so kick-ass and I like strong female characters. And Game of Thrones.

4. Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood

I really love True Blood so this would be perfect for me. Sookie is fun and strong, which are qualities I like.

5. baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

How could I not want this cutie?! Groot is adorable. Period.


Which ones are your favorites? Do you own any of these figures? :)

London: Long Weekend Vacation

I was lucky enough to get a trip to London just a little while ago when my mom wanted to celebrate her birthday there. It was my third time there and I still love the city as much as ever!

london 1

We had already seen most of the traditional sights so we decided to have a pretty chill vacation. We did, however, visit the Westminster Abbey for the first time so that we got to see the inside of the church. Tip: you can go for an evening service, which lasts for an hour, and you won’t have to pay the admittance fee (which I feel is quite pricey).

We went to Bella Italia for my mom’s birthday dinner and we had the chicken stew, which was absolutely delicious! I can’t even express how good that meal was!

london 2

We also just walked around a lot – mainly around Oxford Street where our hotel was and along the river Thames. The weather was extremely sunny and mild so it was nice just to walk around and check out sights like the London Eye and Big Ben.

westminster london 3

British Museum was a must-see on our list: I had been there before but you could spend a week in the museum and there would still be more to see. Tip: GO THERE – IT’S FREE! Enough said.

One of the splurges we made was the visit to Kensington Palace, which is right now having a fashion exhibition, which personally I found the most fascinating. The outfits were breathtaking.

kensington london 4

We also checked out The Who Shop (a Doctor Who store and museum) as well as the Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross, but I’ll tell you more about those in my London haul post :)