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Link Round-Up: May -15

I haven’t done a link round-up in quite a long while so here you go: some of my favorite bits and things from around the internet. I think it’s a pretty nice selection of Game of Thrones and other fangirl-y things as well as cats. Because no post is complete without cats ;)

Link round-up

Game of Thrones stars doing normal things – strange!

A Girl, Obsessed” lists great blog post ideas.

Pretty Little Liars reaction GIFs featuring Shay Mitchell.

J.K. Rowling being her usual Sass Queen on Twitter.

This would be perfect for us and Merlin the kitty.

An interesting love related experiment.

Super amazing Harry Potter travel destinations.

Brilliant interview with Olivia Wilde – edited by Olivia Wilde.

Beautiful English words on Buzzfeed.

This adorable Vine of a sleepy kitty.

5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play


Long time no see… I have skipped the last two posts in this linkup purely because I’ve just been too busy to blog. I’ll be so glad when the next two weeks are over and I can focus on something other than finals and school projects.

In any case, this week’s topic for 5 Fandom Friday was “Games I Love to Play”. (More info on the linkup can be found from The Nerdy Girlie‘s blog or the SuperSpaceChick‘s blog. Basically it’s a weekly reason to fangirl.)

1. Kingdom Hearts

I remember playing this as a kid and I loved it so much. Recently my boyfriend got it for me for PS3 and it was just as a great as I remembered. Funny how some games really do stand the test of time. Anyways, I love the combo of fantasy and Disney. Who doesn’t love Disney really?

2. Kingdom Hearts

I like this for the same reasons as I love the first game. And this one is more difficult, which makes it great for me now. I just wish the third, new game would come out soon!

3. Jak & Daxter I

Another of my childhood games…I was surprised recently while playing these Jak & Daxter games that they’re actually REALLY difficult. I don’t know how I managed to play them when I was younger. But I like that they’re challenging to me even today. Also the story is interesting and I like the little side quests and puzzles.

4. Jak & Daxter III

I skipped the second Jak & Daxter game because it’s just not as fun as the other two. This third game I’m playing right now and it seems like a lot of fun. Running around on a bird-looking dinosaur in some town in the middle of the desert. What could be more fun? ;)

5. Dixit

I had to include a board game too: this one is super fun. If you don’t know it, google it NOW! It has lots of cards with surreal pictures and you’re supposed to give a clue based on the picture you chose and others will have to choose a picture of their own that they feel fits the clue. Hard to explain, super fun to play!

+ bonus: Cards Against Humanity and Little Big Planet


Student Organization Dinner Party

sub dinner party

Our student organization’s (SUB – the organization for English students) 43rd anniversary dinner party was a while back, and it’s pretty much the biggest event of the year. The party is an academic dinner party, or sitsit as we call it, where you sing drinking songs and eat a three course meal. And naturally, there’s always an after party, which in some cases is even a better part of the evening.

The anniversary party is always a black tie affair, although recently there’s also been the option to wear a cocktail dress (which is nice since my closet isn’t exactly stocked with ballgowns.

The first course of the meal was a nice, warm soup followed by a steak and a fruity dessert. The food was delicious, although it tended to go cold while everyone was too busy singing (note: it’s not allowed to eat while someone is talking or singing – so, basically never). However, the band that performed was amazing and everyone was having so much fun that a bit of cold food didn’t do anything to dampen the mood.

dinner party

As I’ve been in the university more and more years, I’ve felt less inclined to join the massive parties. I used to go all the time but now only occasionally. I think it’s partly because it’s hard getting to know all the masses of new students who have formed their cliques and don’t really interact with the older students. And I guess, part of it is also the “been there, done that” factor: I’ve studied for four years now and have developed my social life to a point where I see most of my friends outside of school and don’t feel the need to only hangout with the people who happen to have the same major as me.

Nonetheless, this one party I try to attend every year. And who knows, maybe next year I’ll try to attend more parties since I won’t have tons of time at the university anymore :)

5 Fandom Friday: Total Fangirl Moments

Once again I’m late with this post…BUT HERE IT IS! So last Friday’s 5 Fandom Friday topic was “Five Times I Totally Fangirled”. The linkup is hosted by Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie and you can find more info about it from their blogs!

daniel radcliffe fangirl

1. the time I went to the world premiere of one of the Harry Potter movies in London (one of the best moments of my entire life!) and I saw all the actors from the movies… I still wonder to this day how I managed not to faint or anything.

2. the time Oliver and James Phelps came to Finland and I managed to snap a pic with Oliver AND got tickets to the gala showing of the HBP movie premiere since I had lined up for the red carpet from 6am.

3. the time I went to the Warner Bros studio tour with my friend and saw all the amazing set pieces and props. It was such a magical way to spend time.

evanna lynch matthew lewis fangirl

4. the time Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch came to Finland for one of the Harry Potter movie premieres and I managed to snap pics with both of them. They were super friendly and nice – and I couldn’t have been happier!

5. the time I saw David Tennant doing Richard II and the time I saw Billy Boyd in Macbeth during a study trip (too bad I don’t have pictures).


Easter Dinner Pictures

On Friday we had a lovely Easter dinner at the boyfriend’s mom’s house. They had gone all out and made lamb with rice salad and pancakes for dessert. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten better than during that dinner!

easter dinner 1

We needed, obviously, a little break between the courses so we had a bit of coffee and chatted while waiting for dessert. It was a really nice, relaxing way to spend the day since I’ve just recovered from two weeks of flu and now I’ve just been trying to catch up with my exam reading.

easter dinner 2

I hope you all had a lovely Easter as well!