Student Organization Dinner Party

sub dinner party

Our student organization’s (SUB – the organization for English students) 43rd anniversary dinner party was a while back, and it’s pretty much the biggest event of the year. The party is an academic dinner party, or sitsit as we call it, where you sing drinking songs and eat a three course meal. And naturally, there’s always an after party, which in some cases is even a better part of the evening.

The anniversary party is always a black tie affair, although recently there’s also been the option to wear a cocktail dress (which is nice since my closet isn’t exactly stocked with ballgowns.

The first course of the meal was a nice, warm soup followed by a steak and a fruity dessert. The food was delicious, although it tended to go cold while everyone was too busy singing (note: it’s not allowed to eat while someone is talking or singing – so, basically never). However, the band that performed was amazing and everyone was having so much fun that a bit of cold food didn’t do anything to dampen the mood.

dinner party

As I’ve been in the university more and more years, I’ve felt less inclined to join the massive parties. I used to go all the time but now only occasionally. I think it’s partly because it’s hard getting to know all the masses of new students who have formed their cliques and don’t really interact with the older students. And I guess, part of it is also the “been there, done that” factor: I’ve studied for four years now and have developed my social life to a point where I see most of my friends outside of school and don’t feel the need to only hangout with the people who happen to have the same major as me.

Nonetheless, this one party I try to attend every year. And who knows, maybe next year I’ll try to attend more parties since I won’t have tons of time at the university anymore :)