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Kissakahvila Helsinki: a Trip to a Cat Cafe

This summer we finally got a cat cafe here in Helsinki. There’s been one in Finland but none here in the capital so it’s great that Kissakahvila Helsinki opened here now. It’s right in the center of town and naturally I made a reservation there as soon as they started taking bookings. The cafe proved to be so popular that first two weeks it was booked solid before the place had even opened.

cat cafe

The cafe takes a 5 euro “cat care fee” which goes to supporting the cats that live on the premises. There are right now six cats living there: five kittens and one adult. The kittens were all really lively although they had a tendency to go nap a lot…but that’s what babies do, of course! Sadly we didn’t get to see the only adult cat, Pete, because he was away getting worm medicine.

The food was absolutely amazing: everything is made in the cafe, so all the food is fresh and home made. We saw some of the delicious looking sandwiches but in the end opted for carrot cake and cheese cake. They were to die for. It was like eating a little slice of heaven.

cat cafe 2

The cafe had instructions on how to interact with the cats on their menus, which I thought was an excellent idea. It’s good that they have established the ground rules because I’m sure many customers would just love to pick up the sleeping little furballs, which naturally isn’t very nice for the kittens. All the cats seemed to like the attention, and they were not disturbed by the hassle even when sleeping.

Hopefully soon I’ll have a chance to go there again!

Have you ever been to a cat cafe?

Barcelona Summer Madness!

Here’s a bit of a recap of my recent trip to Barcelona, Spain. I went with a group of friends who wished to attend the Sonar music festival – which turned out to be a blast! Could not have hoped for anything better.


We stayed at the Ideal Youth Hostel, which was a very affordable place with a great location right off the La Rambla. During our week of vacation we managed to tour the city to the fullest. We haven’t had the sunniest summer here in Finland so the hot weather and white beaches were a wonderful break from my summer job.

The food was wonderfully cheap although you had to wander around a bit before finding the cheapest options. One should definitely steer off the main shopping streets and rather venture toward the tiny alleyways to find cheap, but wonderful paella and tapas.

There seemed to always be some good food, music, and company to be found in Barcelona and I definitely recommend a trip there to everyone!

Tips on What to See in Barcelona

  • Parc Guell – a funky, weird park with slightly Alice in Wonderland kind of vibes filled with Gaudi’s art
  • the beaches of Barcelona – e.g. Barceloneta is a wonderful beach filled with white sand and clear waters
  • the Barcelona Cathedral
  • La Sagrada Familia – also a cathedral, designed by Gaudi
  • The magic fountain of Montjuïc – situated near Placa d’Espanya, the fountain has a gorgeous light show during the evenings
  • La Rambla – a huge and popular shopping street with lots of booths and restaurants


The Harry Potter Alliance: Haul (of Sorts)

the harry potter alliance

I wanted to do a quick post (before another travel themed one – I will finally get the Barcelona post up next week) about the Harry Potter Alliance. The organization has been around since 2005 and they have changing campaigns that try to influence current societal problems. Quite some time ago already, I participated in one of their charity campaigns (EqualityFTW) and bought the Ultimate Hermione Pack, which came with all sorts of amazing goodies:

  • Wizard Activist T-shirt
  • Reading Turns Muggles into Wizards tote bag
  • journal
  • bookmarks
  • Hang in There Baby Crookshanks poster
  • etc

I love the Harry Potter Alliance for their dedication to do good in the world (which is very much what Harry Potters are about) so I just wanted to share the great stuff they sell and hope that everyone checks out their website! Nothing is greater magic than being able to change the world (even if it is a little bit at a time).

Their current campaigns are Fanworks Are Fair Use and Positive Fandom. You can contribute by volunteering, donating, buying from their shop or participating in the campaigns.

Stay tuned for some Barcelona summer fun!