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Helsinki Book Fair 2015: Books and Food!

I recently went to the Helsinki Book Fair, where I was performing in a panel discussion with my editor-in-chief from the literature magazine I work for, Lukufiilis. The magazine is transitioning from print to online, so we were there to discuss the changes ahead.

I absolutely love the book fair: I go every year and it’s there that I allow myself to go bonkers with my book shopping. There is also usually the Wine, Food and Good Living fair, where you can go get free food samples in between your book browsing.

book fair

I ended up buying a few comics I’ve heard really good things about: Saga Volume 1 and Rat Queens Volume 1. Now that I have read both, I can say that I LOVE THEM! The art in both is pretty and realistic-looking, and I’m a fan of anything fantasy-related. Plus, Rat Queens was hilarious and I loved having strong female leads. And Saga was intriguing and exciting. I recommend both of them!

book fair haul

I love stopping by at the food fair also, because they have great selection of food items you wouldn’t normally buy. I often get Christmas presents for relatives from there and maybe some treats for myself, too. This year I had some delicious bruschetta from the Italian food stand.

Later on you can also find a more in-depth article about the book fair on Her Campus University of Helsinki!

Do you go to book fairs?

What I Wore: Fall OOTD (or Two)

So, I haven’t done OOTD posts in a while so I decided to post two in one :D I’ve generally been a little absent because I actually continued working even after school started so I’m writing for three magazines, working the occasional shift, and writing my Master’s thesis all at the same time. Busy – who, me?

So anyways, here are my two favorite outfits from this fall: one with a light blue top and a green skirt. I really like this one – I’ve had that skirt forever because I can’t seem to let it go. And, for once, I’m wearing glasses.

The second look is me in my new favorite green dress (from Barcelona) and I would wear it all the time if I could. It’s the perfect size – I’ve never had anything with this good of a fit. And the fabric is comfy and thick (with zero chance of static), which I love. And I paired it with a blazer that is like fall foliage in clothing form. I just love the mix of these colors. I feel like I’m wearing fall.

ootd summer and fall

So what have you guys been up to? What are your favorite things to wear during fall? (I’m sure I’ll whip out a post or two soon about my favorites like scarves and wool socks!)

Wooden Wisdom: Elijah Wood as a DJ

elijah wood compilation

I was recently lucky enough to attend Elijah Wood’s DJ gig at a local club here in Helsinki (Club Kaiku). The tickets were on sale last Spring and I knew I’d want to go. How many chances in life do you have to see Frodo DJ? ;) He is part of a DJ duo called Wooden Wisdom with Zach Cowen and according to the event info their sound is “paradise garage”. They played their own collection of old vinyls so the music was a fun mix of 70s and 80s beats. It was a delightfully eclectic bunch of songs and really got our dance feet going. I attended the gig with a friend and we both had a blast from the queue all the way to the gig’s end.

elijah wood

Sometimes we’re lucky even here in Finland to get major stars and it was a bit of a childhood dream of mine to see Elijah Wood in person so this was the perfect end for my summer (the gig was on my last day of vacation before this semester started). I love going dancing and this definitely made it so much more special. And even the price was an affordable 20 euros. If anyone has a chance to go see them play, I thoroughly recommend it!