What I Wore: Fall OOTD (or Two)

So, I haven’t done OOTD posts in a while so I decided to post two in one :D I’ve generally been a little absent because I actually continued working even after school started so I’m writing for three magazines, working the occasional shift, and writing my Master’s thesis all at the same time. Busy – who, me?

So anyways, here are my two favorite outfits from this fall: one with a light blue top and a green skirt. I really like this one – I’ve had that skirt forever because I can’t seem to let it go. And, for once, I’m wearing glasses.

The second look is me in my new favorite green dress (from Barcelona) and I would wear it all the time if I could. It’s the perfect size – I’ve never had anything with this good of a fit. And the fabric is comfy and thick (with zero chance of static), which I love. And I paired it with a blazer that is like fall foliage in clothing form. I just love the mix of these colors. I feel like I’m wearing fall.

ootd summer and fall

So what have you guys been up to? What are your favorite things to wear during fall? (I’m sure I’ll whip out a post or two soon about my favorites like scarves and wool socks!)