Christmas Party Dresses Galore!

Now that the Christmas party season is in full swing, it’s so hard to know what to wear (tbh, it’s always hard). I at least feel like no matter how many dresses are hanging in my closet, none of them ever work for the given occasion. If I had an unlimited budget I’d definitely buy a few (or many) new ones, but for now I have to settle for window shopping (online, because I don’t dare to go into the madness of shopping in actual stores right now).

PromTimes* has several dresses that would be perfect for any Christmas party. You can wear the fancy dresses on their own or dress them down for a more casual party by throwing a cute cardigan on top.

I really love these two Christmas red dresses, which would be perfect for parties where you want to show your holiday spirit. I really like the one with long sleeves, because I get a bit more coverage during the cold season and lace sleeves are gorgeous in general.

red cocktail dress long sleeve dress

I feel that red is just a perfect, classic choice during the winter time. And it’s a color that looks good on most people. However, if you’d rather go with simple and elegant black, these might be for you:

black cocktail dress chiffon dress

I personally like cocktail dresses for Christmas and other parties, because I’m not one for wearing long dresses (I constantly fear tripping over my own dress). So these knee-length dresses are my choice for most occasions. Several of PromTimes’s dresses are also well within my somewhat limited budget, which is also a plus. I have a habit of looking through just sale items even when I’m not actually buying anything, just browsing.

*This post is sponsored by PromTimes but all opinions are my own!