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(Late) 5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Wish List

This 5 Fandom Friday post is a bit late due to my unfortunate case of very Christmas-y bronchitis and the merry after-present of an allergic reaction to my antibiotics. However, as I haven’t done these 5 Fandom Friday posts in a long while, I’ll consider this a success! Hopefully now I’ll have more time to blog that I’m on Christmas break :)


So, this (last) week’s topic was “Christmas wish list”, which was a fun coincidence since I was going to post one already. My fandoms are all over the place in this list and there were so many items I wanted to include, that I ended up making a bit of a different kind of division between the things:

  • reading (most of my wishes are books…or a poster about books)
  • writing (writing guides are lovely)
  • toys (one is never too old…)
  • clothing (Hobbit-themed T-shirt is a must!)
  • and organization (I desperately need a diary for 2016)
Xmas Wish List


BONUS: A super awesome writing exercise journal on Fancy – 642 Things to Write About

The 5 Fandom Friday linkup was started by the lovely ladies from The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. Go check out their blogs for more info! :)

Ai Weiwei @ Helsinki Exhibition

If you know me at all, you know I’m all about budget budget budget. As a student, I can’t afford to spend lots of money on everything I want to do. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to experience things! With this in mind, I recently took advantage of a free day in the Helsinki Art Museum in order to see Ai Weiwei‘s exhibition. Every last Friday of the month, the museum has free entrance to everyone. A lot of museums have similar policies, and I like to take advantage of those days because the admission price is often around 10 euros even for students.

The exhibition I went to see was “Ai Weiwei @ Helsinki“, which includes 27 pieces from the world-famous activist/artist. The exhibition opened earlier this year and I had been wanting to see it for a long time.

ai weiwei 1

All of Ai Weiwei’s works are inspired by his activism and by political issues, especially the ones related to China. The pieces tend to be massive sculptures and installations, that radiate power and mystery. Some of them merely make you pause by their strangeness and some make you feel peaceful or overwhelmed.

This is Ai Weiwei’s first solo exhibition in Helsinki so I was especially eager to see his works in real life (rather than on blogs or social media). The sheer size of the art was enough to make you gasp. And reading the background for the different pieces gave insight to the political and social situation in China and how the artist had been affected by the various events.

ai weiwei 2

If you have a chance to see any of Ai Weiwei’s art anywhere, I heartily recommend it! It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything as impressive. The different works blend and mix traditional and modern, making a fascinating combination that should intrigue any art lover.

Wedding Atmosphere in the Winter

I got invited to a wedding a few weeks ago: the wedding was for my boyfriend’s friend and most of the guests were Indonesian. My boyfriend’s mom cooked and there was a huge buffet table filled with yummy Indonesian food. The service was really lovely and I wanted to share a few snapshots from the event (I was tasked with taking photos so I have lots of these wedding photos now).

wedding 1

The couple was lovely and they had rehearsed a dance and did the whole cute “I’ll smush this cake on your face” thing, which was like straight out of a movie. So adorable.

wedding 2

I was wearing a traditional Indonesian lace kebaya and a turquoise dress. At first I thought of wearing a gown but thought better of it, which was good since the event wasn’t overly formal.