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Dress to Impress: Dresses for All Occasions

I’ve lately had a bit of a shopping fever, I’m all the time browsing online stores for pretty clothes, even if I don’t actually buy anything. But that’s the fun of online shopping!

Rosa Novias* is a store specializing in dresses for every occasion: they sell prom dresses, wedding dresses, plus size bridesmaid dresses, graduation dresses, maternity bridesmaid dresses, and any other dresses you can imagine with affordable prices. They also carry frocks in several silhouettes, so you are sure to find one that flatters your figure.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite cocktail dresses from their site:

chiffon dress flower prom dress a line dress

I love this first cocktail dress because it’s so romantic. Perfect for a date night, I’d say! The second dress is a lovely one for prom – or at least it’s something I would wear if we had a prom here in Finland, which we don’t! It’s fun, flirty and youthful. The third dress is a great bridesmaid dress – no one wants their bridesmaids looking frumpy! Also, I feel that ruching is flattering on everyone because it helps hide those little flaws that one might feel insecure about.

satin bridesmaid dress elegant beaded dress sheath wedding dress

This purple one is also a great bridesmaid dress: I absolutely adore the color because it’s so rich and enticing. And the wedding dresses here are gorgeous – light, airy, romantic, and simple. I’m a big believer in simplicity when it comes to wedding dresses!

And best of all, each of these dresses is under 200 dollars, which is great for someone on a budget (like me). They also come in a variety of colors so you can choose one that works with your complexion and hair color.


*This post is sponsored by Rosa Novias but all opinions are my own!

5 Fandom Friday: One Item, Five Styles

I’m a bit late with this 5 Fandom Friday post (because I’m still scrambling to catch up with everything after being sick for two weeks), which has an awesome topic: Styling one fandom item in five different ways. So much fun!

fandom friday fashion

This fandom item is one of my favorite T-shirts: a shirt featuring the 10th Doctor. I got it from London and would probably wear with anything and everything because I love it so much!

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly linkup hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. Go check out their amazing blogs for more information!



#YearOfHappy: I Went Thrifting

yearofhappy This month’s #YearOfHappy linkup, hosted by the lovely Elizabeth at October June and Allison at Allisonleighann, instructed us to go thrifting (or to a Dollar Store, but we don’t really have those here) so I went to a couple of flea markets at Seinäjoki, while I was visiting my mom last weekend.

I try and avoid buying too many things on a whim but since these items were so cheap, I didn’t have a problem getting them. So, the light brown cardigan I got because no one can ever have too many chunky knits. This is perfect while it’s still cold but I want to wear a thin, summery top underneath. And the plaid tunic is so my style, that I couldn’t not get it. I love the bright colors and it’s casual enough for daily wear but it’s not like one of my winter-y flannel plaid shirts.


(Ugh, I do not like the quality of these pictures, but of course I waited until evening to take them and completely lost all the natural light…)

I try to mainly buy functional clothes that I can wear a lot and these two definitely fit the bill…Also, I didn’t really find much else – but I guess it’s a good thing, because it must mean I have pretty much everything I could want or need :)

5 Fandom Friday: My Fandom Accessories


This week’s 5 Fandom Friday linkup – hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick – is all about the fandom accessories: what are the favorite geeky accessories that I own. If you want more information about this linkup, go check out the blogs of these lovely gals and join in on the fun!

I have to admit, it was really hard to choose only five items for this one – I just got back from London (more about that later) and I got tons of new fandom stuff. However, I chose my current favorites, even though they are liable to change every hour or so… In addition to the following I also love my Platform 9 3/4 tote, Doctor Who earrings, as well as all my fandom T-shirts and mugs.

My first one is Arwen’s necklace from Lord of the Rings, which I’ve always loved. I got it from Amazon and it’s really lovely. The second fandom item is also a necklace: I just bought this Ministry of Magic necklace from the Harry Potter shop at Kings Cross. Hermione’s timeturner I got from the Harry Potter studios and it’s one of my favorite things EVER. Also, I had to add my new Books Turn Muggles into Wizards tote, which I got from the Harry Potter Alliance (a brilliant charity organization!!). And last but not least, there’s this little TARDIS sugar bowl, which I bought from a book fair.



OOTD: Grease-inspired Everyday Cosplay

Sometimes I like to play around with my wardrobe…so, here’s my everyday cosplay or ootd inspired by Sandy from Grease.

OOTD: Sandy


What everyday cosplays have you come up with?

Style Inspiration: Luna Lovegood

As a continuation of the Buffy and Sookie style posts I’ve done, here’s one of Luna Lovegood, the lovable hippie-ish friend of Harry Potter’s. Her style is very fluid and flow-y, incorporating hippie vibes and pastels into an earthy wardrobe. She has a lot of lilac and pink as well as light blue in her clothing. The items are always perfectly suited to her strange but charismatic character.

Luna Lovegood: Quirky Cool

I tried to incorporate here the colors typical to Luna and the soft femininity of many of her dresses and tops. Her personality shows in every item of clothing, which is really admirable.

Maybe a possibility for a Halloween costume? ;)

//This post was scheduled as I’m in Ireland when this post is being published. So, as soon as I get back I’ll be posting about my trip!

OOTD: Flow-y Top and a Long Vest

Another outfit post :) I recently got this new black long vest and I figured I’d pair it with something cute and flow-y – a.k.a. my Audrey Hepburn tunic top, which I bought from Indonesia last year.


I also wanted to combine them with my new black leggings, which I’ve reserved for tops that a slightly too short to be dresses but too long be just regular shirts. The leggings are the ones I got from Tallinn from Reserved.


Any thoughts on my OOTD?

Tallinn Haul

Finally I managed to transfer all my photos. It was a long time coming :) I wanted to do another small haul post since I got so much great stuff from my Tallinn trip!

tallinn haul

White peplum top from River Island, 60$

They have run out of the blue skirt in Zara but there’s a pink one with the same shape and fabric here!

Reserved still has those joggers. :)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Style Guide

After I did the post about Sookie’s style, I wanted to do another fandom style post but this time with the BtVS ladies. I love 90s fashion and I think a lot of the outfits in BtVS are really cute. Nonetheless, I felt I needed to narrow my focus so I chose the college years (starting from season 4 of BtVS) where Buffy and Willow’s style evolved and matured from the first seasons.

Buffy and Willow: the College Years


Both Buffy and Willow wore a lot of skirts in college, Willow favoring maxis while Buffy opted mostly for ankle length and midi skirts. The Slayer still liked to wear leather and Willow hadn’t ditched her signature quirky outfits either – they simply matured and made them more college appropriate. Both seemed to also like floral patterns and bright colors, which I personally love :)

Classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I also thought I’d add here a traditional Buffy outfit, which I’m fully intending to do for Halloween some year!

Sookie Stackhouse: Florals + Colorful Patterns

Have you guys been watching the new season of True Blood? I loved True Blood when it started and, even though I’m not a huge fan of the plot lines that have been going on during the last few seasons, I still want to watch every episode. Especially since this is the last season! I love the books too and I think Anna Paquin has done a great job in bringing Sookie Stackhouse to life. And who could not love Alexander Skarsgård?

I wanted to do a style collection inspired by Sookie simply because I adore her clothes! They’re always so feminine and pretty – even though she can be kick-ass too!

Sookie Stackhouse Style


In this first set, all the dresses are from Modcloth. I noticed when I was putting this set together that the dresses that kept popping up that most reminded me of Sookie were all from there. IT’s understandable because Sookie is very girly and has a lot of even old-fashioned beautifully cut dresses. But if Modcloth  isn’t quite in your price range, I’ve collected these cute separates that are all inspired by Sookie’s feminine but comfortable style.

Sookie Stackhouse Staples


I feel like Sookie’s style is perfect for the summer. If you go with either a pair of black shorts with a cute denim jacket or a yellow sundress, you’ll be cute as a button for work or a party!