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Making a Home: The Little Things I love

There are so many little things I love about my apartment. Now that me and Ari have gotten to decorate the place together it has those little touches that make it feel very personal and cozy. Previously, when I lived with my roommate in the same place, it was nice but it didn’t have that special something that make a place truly feel like home. Maybe it was the fact that most of the furniture was leftover from my mom, maybe it was the lack of personal items like paintings, or perhaps it was just that with the student budget (that I’m still on), we just couldn’t afford to make a huge effort with the place.

Now it’s different when I’m living with my boyfriend and we have consciously tried to buy pieces of furniture and other items that would reflect us as individuals as well as a couple. We compromise with some stuff but mostly we have quite similar tastes. The apartment looks younger and more energetic. No more hand-me-downs! (Well, we still have lots of old stuff but it’s balanced with the new.)


Books and magazines are definitely something we have plenty lying around. I couldn’t live without my books. I also tend to have a selection of my most used jewelry, perfumes and nail polishes on display for easy access.


Merlin is always napping somewhere, he’s such a sleepyhead.
We also have bunch of items from abroad, from different trips around Europe (and some items from Indonesia). We love to travel and it’s always nice to have something to come home with. These pieces remind us of the great memories.
We also have several paintings, most of which we chose together at one point or another. It’s nice to cover those big, empty white walls with beautiful art that will inspire you for years to come.



I absolutely adore the apartment we have right now but most likely we will have to move after a few years (prices are always going up and it is only a rental that is student budget friendly). But for now, we have really made it a home!

Art & Design at ArtHelsinki and Habitare pt 2

After a slightly scary weekend of server problems I now have the second part of my art and design fair adventure for you guys! This post includes my favorites from the fair (well, there many more but these I wanted to include here). I hope to go next year and check them out again (maybe with a bigger budget this time).

design favs

Aada sisustus (Aada design) had really beautiful pieces, very Hamptons and preppy nautical. Also, a lot of romantic furniture and art. I liked the lightness of their pieces but as a cat owner and as a student who has parties at her house quite often, I’d probably be scared to have e.g. a white couch. But maybe some day :)

The Destiny Store was probably my favorite even though it wasn’t really in my budget to buy anything from their table at the fair. The artwork they sell is somehow raw but beautiful and I just kept thinking of Edgar Allan Poe when I saw it. I could also see some Native American influence in the art prints. In addition to art prints they sold, for example, feathers, glass decorations and little pouches and bags.

habitare design

It was really inspiring to see several student works at the fair: I hope to some day do something just as beautiful as the pieces shown at the fair, I can’t believe all that talent in people who are my age! It’s so inspiring. Here you can check out more about the University of Lapland’s work and here is the blog for their installation. 

And what design or art did I end up purchasing?

ceramic mug and art

In the end, I didn’t buy much: I got a little deer print and a temporary tattoo with the same image. I also got a cute little mug from Keramiikkastudio Envalds’s (ceramics studio Envalds) stand. The mug is so pretty and lovely now during the fall.


Art & Design at ArtHelsinki14 and Habitare pt 1

I’m so behind on my blog posts because I’ve been sick but I’ll try and empty my drafts folder this week and show you all the cool stuff I’ve been working on!

A few weeks ago I got went to the local art and design fair ArtHelsinki 2014 plus some other fairs (they all are organized at the same time in the same building), and I have to say, they were all amazing! I loved seeing all the contemporary art they had on display and I wish I could’ve bought some pieces for our apartment. Nonetheless, it was nice to just take a day off from routines and go and see so many new things!


Even though the event is annual, I have never been there – but I’ll definitely consider going again next year because I got so much home decor inspiration as well as inspiration for creative projects. I have to admit that the light fair I neglected a little bit because my interests were in the art and the design but the light installations I saw were amazing as well!

Jukka-Rintala design art

These paintings were some of my favorites: I just love watercolors! You can actually buy these paintings online here!

More pictures to come in part 2!!

Apartment Haul

Me and my boyfriend decided recently to update our home decor a little bit and did a trip to Ikea (and a few other stores). We managed to find quite a lot of really nice things  and now our apartment looks nicer than ever. It’s amazing how cheap some of the items were; we managed to fit almost all the things we got into our original carpet budget, which was pretty mind-boggling.

Here’s what we got:


For the bedroom: Gulört rug and BILLY bookcase from Ikea, couple of scented candles from H&M, a cake stand (which I’m using for jewelry and make-up), Olunda love letter and Olunda splash pictures from Ikea, a white candle dish from Ikea

apartment living room

For the living room: a tray from Kodin Säästöpiste, two Trådklöver rugs from Ikea, a cotton cushion cover from H&M, a LACK coffee table from Ikea
For the bathroom: a laundry basket from Kodin säästöpiste

What do you think of our purchases? :)

Decorating the Walls

I love to have paintings, collages and other art on the walls of my home. We have a big apartment considering that we’re just students and I didn’t like the huge white walls that looked really empty even after setting up all the furniture. So now we have a few paintings, posters and other things up but I’m always on the lookout for more. Here’s a little collection of what we currently have on display brightening up the place:


We like to have different “ethnic” things on the walls like Indonesian masks (gotten from a trip when we visited Ari’s family), bright-colored paintings and, of course, I need to have my Emma Watson posters and art collages. Right now I’m thinking of making more of my own art to get a very personal look for our apartment.

What do you like to decorate your walls with? And more importantly, any tips on where to get great artwork with student prices? ^^

Interior Design: Tour of My Home

I thought I’d share a few photos of my apartment – kind of like a home tour – , which I’m always trying to redecorate and make prettier by the day. Right now we have a theme of some sorts going on in every room:

Turquoise Bali in the kitchen

home kitchen

Red Middle East in the library (yes, we have a library, it’s my baby)

home library

Crispy White and Neon Colors in the bedroom

home bedroom

and Earthy Exotic in the living room

home living room

It’s really important to make your apartment to look like you – it’s just sometimes quite hard when you’re a student and most likely on a budget because of that… For me it was difficult to compromise between my style and the used furniture I got from my mom when I moved into my own place. I couldn’t afford to be picky so I took the furniture and decorative items that I was given. I figured out a few little tricks for “disguising” the old stuff:

  • if you have nice colorful quilts or fabrics you can cover the old furniture to suit your own color theme (mine was pink, turquoise, orange and lime green so basically I just threw a lime green fabric over one couch and an orange cover on the other one)
  • one or two framed prints will quickly spruce up any place
  • you can try and sell some of the old stuff at a flea market and get new stuff with the money
  • ask your friends if they have anything they want to get rid of and maybe even swap things with them

Luckily now that I live with my boyfriend we have been able to buy stuff together and make it an even more eclectic mix of my style, my boyfriend’s penchant for colors like dark red, and my mom’s hand-me-down furniture.

Holiday Cheer To You All

This my last Christmas/vacation post because my school started today. Now it’s time to get back to normal routine (and stress out a bit more). Hope everyone had a great vacation!

Christmas Holiday Cheer

Pre-Christmas Vacation

Last week I decided to visit my high school friend, Vanessa, in Turku and spend the entire weekend with her. I took a train to her place and already on the first day there we managed to do all our Christmas shopping, go for coffee, attend a traditional Russian Christmas party and go to an Irish pub to listen to both live Irish songs as well as Christmas carols. It was a hectic day but I haven’t felt so stress-free in a long time. I had forgotten what it feels like not to have a million school and work project weighing on your shoulders all the time. We had planned to finish up some of our last school projects on Sunday and somehow managed to do them quickly and efficiently. Even though we weren’t working alone, it was so much easier to do the projects with someone there to help come up with new ideas. I guess a fresh pair of eyes and a new outlook was all we needed to get things done. While there, I took some photos of Vanessa’s room because she has some of the cutest artwork and prettiest things there. Also, I just adore how eclectic her bedroom looks.