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Link Round-Up: February -18

Long time no link round-up. Here are some things that piqued my interest this past month.

Link roundup

    • Nightly rituals to help with anxiety


Christmas Wish List 2016: Books and Fandoms

Lately I’ve been all about books. I think my publishing internship is rubbing on me because, while I’ve always read a lot, this fall I’ve doubled the amount of books I’ve read. This whole year actually. Naturally then, my Christmas wish list this year is mainly books. I’ve been reading a lot of YA and fantasy so most of these are continuations of series.

Sabaa Tahir’s Torch against the Night I’m really excited about because An Ember in the Ashes was BRILLIANT! I can’t say enough good things about it. The Invasion of the Tearling is also a sequel. It continues from the events of The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. Holly Bourne’s …and a Happy New Year? is the latest Spinster Club book and after reading the original trilogy I’m OBSESSED. Holly Bourne writes in such a relatable and funny way. Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody has been something I’ve wanted to read for a while. Also, after watching the new episodes of Gilmore Girls (Did you watch them? Thoughts?), I really want to get my hands on Lauren Graham’s Talking as Fast as I can.

Xmas Wish List 2017


I feel like everyone (including yours truly) is on a Harry Potter high this year. First we got the Cursed Child, now Fantastic Beasts movie AND book, and I’m also going to see the play in London in a month. So obviously, I included a little Hufflepuff-y goodness: the house scarf! I also love the Luna Lovegood mug, she’s definitely one of the most lovable cooky characters in the series. And how cute is the BB-8 mug?! I also really need a new watch and this kitty one speaks to my cat lady soul. Finally, the Doctor Who mug…because it combines Christmas and one of my favorite fandoms.

What’s on your wish list this Christmas? Anything you fancy on my list?

Party OOTD + March Link Round-Up

Here is my OOTD (from Friday actually, I just didn’t have time to post it then). I wore an ankle-length black gown that has a lace detailing on the top to the academic dinner party of the English student organization. It was the 44th anniversary of the organization and the dress code was black tie. I paired the dress with black hunky heels and a black cardigan with a pearl collar.

party gown

The party was really lovely: we had coconut soup for starters, salmon as main course, and chocolate cake as dessert. There was lots of singing and a fun speech from one of our professors (also, teacher of the year!). This is probably my last academic dinner party before I graduate with my MA so I was super happy to attend.

dinner party

I also wanted to add a few links here since I haven’t done a link round-up in a while. This is a short one, I’ll make a proper one later during the spring :)

Link roundup


My job hunt journal made its way to our English students’ webzine Better Than Sliced Bread: A Humanist’s Search for a Job

I also wrote a piece for Her Campus Helsinki about Emma Watson’s feminist book club (my other articles for HC Helsinki can be found here)

We filmed finally an introduction video for Her Campus Helsinki!

This article on xoVain about the effects of accutane was really informative (especially since my acne is worse than it’s ever been – hence the slightly cakey and flakey makeup on the ootd photos – and I have a dermatologist appointment for next month to talk about the possibility of Roaccutane)

You can be productive on your couch? Well, that’s good to know (she types while laying in bed on a Monday afternoon).

(Late) 5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Wish List

This 5 Fandom Friday post is a bit late due to my unfortunate case of very Christmas-y bronchitis and the merry after-present of an allergic reaction to my antibiotics. However, as I haven’t done these 5 Fandom Friday posts in a long while, I’ll consider this a success! Hopefully now I’ll have more time to blog that I’m on Christmas break :)


So, this (last) week’s topic was “Christmas wish list”, which was a fun coincidence since I was going to post one already. My fandoms are all over the place in this list and there were so many items I wanted to include, that I ended up making a bit of a different kind of division between the things:

  • reading (most of my wishes are books…or a poster about books)
  • writing (writing guides are lovely)
  • toys (one is never too old…)
  • clothing (Hobbit-themed T-shirt is a must!)
  • and organization (I desperately need a diary for 2016)
Xmas Wish List


BONUS: A super awesome writing exercise journal on Fancy – 642 Things to Write About

The 5 Fandom Friday linkup was started by the lovely ladies from The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. Go check out their blogs for more info! :)

Link Round-Up: November -15

Link round-up

Time for another link round-up: here are my November favorites. This time I gathered quite a few of the articles I’ve written during this fall for online magazines as well as a few pieces from last Spring.

btsb link round-up

Better Than Sliced Bread:

Travel articles: IstanbulIndonesiafandom hunting in London, and photo article on Scotland

Gaming tips

Advice for new freshmen

Article on fitness

Is Outlander as the feminist answer to Game of Thrones or just smut fluff?

Blogging as an Industry of Sharing

Talk about book trailers

HC Helsinki link round-up

Her Campus Helsinki:

Helsinki Book Fair 2015

Night of the Arts

Travel pieces: Espoo and Galway

Cat cafe trip

An interview with the founders of HC Helsinki (one of them being me!)


Additional Articles and Links

My article about budget travel in Tallinn on Pink Pangea

Cute outfits inspired by Man Up film on Sara’s blog

Real talk about STDs from a friend of mine

How to plan ahead

Link Round-Up: May -15

I haven’t done a link round-up in quite a long while so here you go: some of my favorite bits and things from around the internet. I think it’s a pretty nice selection of Game of Thrones and other fangirl-y things as well as cats. Because no post is complete without cats ;)

Link round-up

Game of Thrones stars doing normal things – strange!

A Girl, Obsessed” lists great blog post ideas.

Pretty Little Liars reaction GIFs featuring Shay Mitchell.

J.K. Rowling being her usual Sass Queen on Twitter.

This would be perfect for us and Merlin the kitty.

An interesting love related experiment.

Super amazing Harry Potter travel destinations.

Brilliant interview with Olivia Wilde – edited by Olivia Wilde.

Beautiful English words on Buzzfeed.

This adorable Vine of a sleepy kitty.

Link Round-Up: November -14

Link roundup

I know I haven’t done a link round-up in a while so here it goes:

An article on the pressure of having it all on Her Campus Helsinki.

Listen to the sounds of Hogwarts – I know I do when I’m studying ;)

This short movie featuring Mary Kate Wiles (from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries) is so adorable!

The Readerly Geek listed a while back the places books have made her want to visit and I can definitely agree on several of them!

Bookworms in Dresses had a fun list a while back with favorite authors.

Here’s a brilliant 30-Day Yoga Challenge playlist!

And finally tips on optimizing your resume from Levo League :)

Oh, and before you go, here – have a kitty!

black cat link round-up

Link Round-Up: September -14

Link roundup

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a link round-up, so here you go:

Check out this list for things that no one tells you about being a Harry Potter fanatic  (I hope you’re just as obsessed as I am!)

Some lesser known facts about Harry Potters

This little chart from 9GAG perfectly pictures my levels of being awake:

And this on the other hand, I feel depicts life with Instagram (here’s a good chance to check out mine) quite nicely:

My wonderful friend Vanessa is blogging about her exchange year in Hong Kong and EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!

I’m currently obsessing over Outlander and wanted you to check out the cuteness of the main actors!

And if you’re already familiar with Outlander, here’s a list of the reasons why Sam Heughan is the perfect Jamie


This round-up was a bit short but I guess it shows well what I obsess over :P

Addictive Blogs

I’ve been into the blogging world this year but I haven’t yet had many chances to showcase the blogs I love to read, so I decided to do a little collection of the blogs I am addicted to like :)

The College Prepster: Carly’s blog was probably the first one I really started following on a daily basis. I love the mixture of preppy and ambitious, school-related and fun-loving!

xoVain: One of the few strictly beauty-related blogs I follow; I love the quirkiness of the blog.

The Beauty Department: another beauty blog – their how-to’s are so easy to follow!

Into the Gloss: a lovely mix of urban, beauty, celebs, and life

Sweet Lemon Mag: preppy and fabulous!

Smilingrid: My girl Ingrid is amazing and she’s so geeky – I love it! We both like Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Instant blogger besties.

October June: Another Harry Potter fan with a great mix of all sorts of lifestyle posts.

Allisonleighann: krhm….another Harry Potter fan :D You can clearly see that I favor geeky girls :P the hilarious actress Felicia Day has a blog that I follow a lot – it’s geeky, quirky and smart!

A Beautiful Mess: a brilliant source for DIYs and photography tips!

Nerdjoy!: everything geeky ever! Steph is a fan of Game of Thrones – another one of my favorite fandoms – so I had to include her in this list :)

Scathingly Brilliant: I just love this girl’s style – just look at all those pastels!!


Link Round-Up: May -14

Here is this month’s link round-up with some funny and some useful things I’m liking right now:

Link roundup

Loving the Cat versus Human comics!

I’m constantly struggling with my hair as I’m growing it out from a super short pixie and I love these ways of hiding the awkwardness with little braids!

I’ve been listening to tons of Beatles lately because I just started an intensive course on them :) It’s been so much fun!

Little self-promotion here: check out BTSB and Her Campus Helsinki if you haven’t already!

The life of a fangirl is difficult…

Chronic bitch face…Enough Said.