Work in progress :)

– How did you decide on the blog name?

I wanted to incorporate my love of reading and fashion; I know that I will always be interested in both of those things and I feel my blog should reflect that.

– Who takes your pictures?

The OOTD pictures (and other pictures that feature me) are taken by my boyfriend Ari. Otherwise all pictures are taken by me unless otherwise mentioned (I ALWAYS credit pictures I have found somewhere else).

– What camera do you use?

I use either Canon 1000d or my Samsung Galaxy Trend phone camera.

– Where do you get your gifs and style collages?

I make my own gifs from my own DVDs unless otherwise stated (I like making gifs :) ) and style collages I make on Polyvore (my username is cappuccinocorner).

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All photos are mine unless otherwise stated, please don’t use them without my permission!
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