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OOTD: Flow-y Top and a Long Vest

Another outfit post :) I recently got this new black long vest and I figured I’d pair it with something cute and flow-y – a.k.a. my Audrey Hepburn tunic top, which I bought from Indonesia last year.


I also wanted to combine them with my new black leggings, which I’ve reserved for tops that a slightly too short to be dresses but too long be just regular shirts. The leggings are the ones I got from Tallinn from Reserved.


Any thoughts on my OOTD?

How to Dye Your Hair with Henna

As you might have noticed, I dye my hair red. Quite frequently actually. My natural color is a very mousy dirty blonde and I like to have a bit more vibrant locks. Since my hair is very thin and fine, I do try to use only natural colors without any chemicals. This is why I have turned to body quality henna. I mix it with hot water (boiled) so that it turns into a paste that is easy to slather all over your hair. Then I keep it on for a few hours and wash it off. Don’t be fooled by the weird green color or the grassy smell – it actually gives a natural red hair without any damage. In fact, my hair usually feels silkier and thicker after using henna.

Ingredients to get a very intense red: few drops of lemon juice, bit of paprika, bit of ground coffee or red wine.

Tip: If you have time, let the henna mix breathe for about 24 h – it’ll make it more potent and make the color stay longer.

In other news:
Just a warning: I am going to be a bit inconsistent with my posting for the next few weeks because we are launching a Her Campus Chapter here in Helsinki (YAY!) and my thesis work is due in three weeks (YIKES!) Bear with me! :)

My Usual Make-Up Routine

My usual make-up routine consists of a few simple steps. I can’t put too much make-up on my face because my skin is very sensitive and it has actually taken a really long time for me to find just the right products that don’t cause me to break out. I’ve now managed to settle into a pretty simple make-up routine:

  • light layer of foundation applied with a brush after thoroughly moisturizing my face
  • powder my face very lightly (focusing on the nose, which gets very oily during the day)
  • apply a bit of blush (with a brush) on the apples of the cheeks
  • apply wax on the eyebrows for some definition
  • apply a few coats of mascara

and if I want a night-time look then I add lipstick and eyeliner



My Makeup Routine


Beauty Photography: My Friend Anna

Pretty much my only attempt at beauty photography. At least my lovely friend Anna was a good sport about it.