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Fairy Tale Fashion: Disney’s Belle and Peter Pan

I still can’t get over how amazing Beauty and the Beast live action movie was, so I wanted to make a few Disney inspired outfits to keep the major nostalgia feels going a little bit longer. Belle and Peter Pan are two of my all-time favorites out of the classic Disney flicks. Belle with her bookworm tendencies is such a relatable character and Peter Pan has whimsy that is completely irresistible.

Disney: Beauty and the Beast


Belle is all about that French countryside feel. Simple dresses, light colors, and summery florals work perfectly for a Belle inspired look. Naturally, she is most known for her yellow ball gown and the blue apron dress, which makes it easy to channel her style just based on the color scheme. And how perfect is yellow now that summer is FINALLY here?!

Disney: Peter Pan


Peter Pan brings to mind earthy colors and comfortable clothes. Pan’s whimsical nature can show through fun accessories like bohemian jewelry and colorful bags. If Belle is a summery character, Pan embodies fall colors and fabrics perfectly.

Which were your favorite Disney films growing up? And did you like the new Beauty and the Beast?

Spring OOTD: Channeling Yellow Sunshine

Spring is finally here (and hopefully to stay) so I decided to brighten up my wardrobe with some summery pants. I’m a sucker for fun sale items, so when I found these cute yellow, slightly flowy, pants and the simple print top, I had to get them. This OOTD was all about comfy textures combined with fun elements like the print dog and the bright colored pants and shoes.

yellow ootd

  • Pants and T-shirt from H&M
  • Vest from Seppälä
  • Shoes from Aleksi 13

spring ootd

What changes have you made with your wardrobe now that summer approaches?

6 Fandom Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and one of the best things about it are all the costume parties! Thus, I spend probably 80 % of the year thinking about various outfits I could pull off come next Halloween. However, I rarely do the Halloween costumes I really want to try because they are too demanding.

Nonetheless I wanted to show a few options for Halloween costumes.

6 Fandom Inspired Costumes

The first three more demanding ones inspired by Lagertha for Vikings, Amy Pond from Doctor Who, and the Evil Queen (aka Regina Mills) from Once upon a Time.

Halloween outfits 2016


Lagertha is a strong warrior so comfort is key: pants and long sleeved shirt are comfortable and keep you warm in the chilly October weather. A faux fur vest is reminiscent of the ancient warrior people in Norway. Round the whole outfit up with Celtic inspired jewelry, comfy boots, and braided hair and you’ll be the most impressive viking at the party!

Amy’s look is also all about comfort – but with a mini skirt! A soft flannel shirt and a leather jacket and you’re ready to kick some dalek ass! If you have a chance, get a red wig to give the costume the final touch.

The Evil Queen is formidable yet sultry: she favors blacks and deep reds with a fair amount of bling. Black faux leather pants pair nicely with a fancy red top and chunky statement jewelry. Furthermore, it’s an outfit you could even wear to a party around the year. Remember a sleek hairdo and red lips!

Halloween outfits 2016 part 2


If you are in a hurry and want an easier costume, here are a few options. Combine black leggings with a black top and add a headband with cat ears. Voilá – you’re a witch’s familiar!

The Queen of Hearts only needs a voluminous red dress and a little crown to be recognizable. But you can also grab a heart scepter or make one yourself if you want a little addition. And don’t forget to yell “off with their heads” a lot!

The final outfit is inspired by Disney’s Little Mermaid. Ariel’s bra can be faked with a fun sea shell top. Add a starfish barrette in your hair and some mermaid leggings you’re good to go!

What costume are you planning on wearing for Halloween?

Me Before You & Game of Thrones: The Fashion

Two of my favorite reading materials this summer: Game of Thrones and Me Before You – hands down! I started re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire books during the late Spring and now I’m hooked (again). And, of course, with the new season being so epic I am completely submerged in the world of Westeros once more. Though the season just ended (and what a finale!) I am still in the middle of reading so I get to stay with the characters for a while longer. With this in mind, I wanted to make a little “fashion inspired by” Polyvore set and ended up making another one for the book-that-made-me-cry-more-than-The-Fault-in-Our-Stars – also known as Me Before You.

Game of Thrones Ladies


I love all the individual styles of the characters in Game of Thrones. I love the whole winter-y an steely look of the Starks but also the bold and rich colors of the Lannisters. And don’t even get me started on miss Khaleesi herself! Her style has changed so much but it’s always recognizably Dany!

Inspired by Lou Clark in Me Before You


Me Before You was such a tearjerker that I don’t know how I survived it. It was heartfelt and emotional – something I couldn’t stop thinking about for weeks. I still haven’t seen the movie but will hopefully soon. I love the casting of Emilia Clarke as the lovable, goofy Lou and Sam Claflin as the intelligent and handsome Will. Lou’s style is very quirky and colorful. Bold patterns and interesting shapes cover her feminine shirts and dresses. And I love that about her – she seems like a radiant sun personified!

Have you read Song of Ice and Fire and/or Me Before You? Did you like them?

Party OOTD + March Link Round-Up

Here is my OOTD (from Friday actually, I just didn’t have time to post it then). I wore an ankle-length black gown that has a lace detailing on the top to the academic dinner party of the English student organization. It was the 44th anniversary of the organization and the dress code was black tie. I paired the dress with black hunky heels and a black cardigan with a pearl collar.

party gown

The party was really lovely: we had coconut soup for starters, salmon as main course, and chocolate cake as dessert. There was lots of singing and a fun speech from one of our professors (also, teacher of the year!). This is probably my last academic dinner party before I graduate with my MA so I was super happy to attend.

dinner party

I also wanted to add a few links here since I haven’t done a link round-up in a while. This is a short one, I’ll make a proper one later during the spring :)

Link roundup


My job hunt journal made its way to our English students’ webzine Better Than Sliced Bread: A Humanist’s Search for a Job

I also wrote a piece for Her Campus Helsinki about Emma Watson’s feminist book club (my other articles for HC Helsinki can be found here)

We filmed finally an introduction video for Her Campus Helsinki!

This article on xoVain about the effects of accutane was really informative (especially since my acne is worse than it’s ever been – hence the slightly cakey and flakey makeup on the ootd photos – and I have a dermatologist appointment for next month to talk about the possibility of Roaccutane)

You can be productive on your couch? Well, that’s good to know (she types while laying in bed on a Monday afternoon).

Winter Visit to Tallinn + New Year’s OOTD

Hasn’t it been a lovely Christmas and New Year?

I tried to take a small break from everything but now I’m back to studying for my psychology exams and writing my thesis. However, this post will be a little reminder of the fun vacation times :) So, after the holidays with the family, we went to Tallinn (once again) for a short winter visit. The sales had started so it was the perfect time to shop! We also just walked about because it was my boyfriend’s brother’s first visit there! The old town was especially lovely this time of year. Even the Christmas market was still up :) We ended up eating a lot of great food and just enjoying the scenery. I recommend a winter (or a summer) visit to Tallinn for everyone!

tallinn estonia

For New Year’s we went to a house party at my uni friend’s house. She has a place that overlooks the city so you could see all the fireworks! I tried to dress up comfy and warm because we finally got the winter weather (lately it’s been about -20 C here). My new dress from sales at H&M was the perfect choice!

new years ootd

I personally don’t make resolutions for New Year’s because I break them right away. But I did promise myself to try to have a great year before I graduate with my MA and have to start looking for a permanent job and figuring out my life.

What resolutions did you make?

Christmas Party Dresses Galore!

Now that the Christmas party season is in full swing, it’s so hard to know what to wear (tbh, it’s always hard). I at least feel like no matter how many dresses are hanging in my closet, none of them ever work for the given occasion. If I had an unlimited budget I’d definitely buy a few (or many) new ones, but for now I have to settle for window shopping (online, because I don’t dare to go into the madness of shopping in actual stores right now).

PromTimes* has several dresses that would be perfect for any Christmas party. You can wear the fancy dresses on their own or dress them down for a more casual party by throwing a cute cardigan on top.

I really love these two Christmas red dresses, which would be perfect for parties where you want to show your holiday spirit. I really like the one with long sleeves, because I get a bit more coverage during the cold season and lace sleeves are gorgeous in general.

red cocktail dress long sleeve dress

I feel that red is just a perfect, classic choice during the winter time. And it’s a color that looks good on most people. However, if you’d rather go with simple and elegant black, these might be for you:

black cocktail dress chiffon dress

I personally like cocktail dresses for Christmas and other parties, because I’m not one for wearing long dresses (I constantly fear tripping over my own dress). So these knee-length dresses are my choice for most occasions. Several of PromTimes’s dresses are also well within my somewhat limited budget, which is also a plus. I have a habit of looking through just sale items even when I’m not actually buying anything, just browsing.

*This post is sponsored by PromTimes but all opinions are my own!

Halloween OOTD: White Rabbit + Starbuck

I wanted to quickly share my Halloween outfits from last weekend. I went to two parties: our English student organization’s party and my friend’s party, which was so close by that I was able to attend for a little while even though I was supposed to work on my thesis. (Now I AM working on the thesis full time, hence the quick post.)

To the English students’ party I dressed up as Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace from Battlestar Galactica, which was a costume I managed to make out of old clothes I already owned. My friend drew Kara’s tattoo on my arm with my black eyeliner. My budget this year was a big fat zero, so I was forced to be inventive, which I think turned out okay.

halloween ootds

The second outfit, to my friend’s party, was the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I already own a pair of bunny ears so it was a matter of putting together other items that pulled the look together. You can’t tell from the photo but I’m actually wearing a necklace with a watch and a little bottle saying “Drink Me”. Appropriate, don’t you think? ;)

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Let me know what you dressed up as :D

What I Wore: Fall OOTD (or Two)

So, I haven’t done OOTD posts in a while so I decided to post two in one :D I’ve generally been a little absent because I actually continued working even after school started so I’m writing for three magazines, working the occasional shift, and writing my Master’s thesis all at the same time. Busy – who, me?

So anyways, here are my two favorite outfits from this fall: one with a light blue top and a green skirt. I really like this one – I’ve had that skirt forever because I can’t seem to let it go. And, for once, I’m wearing glasses.

The second look is me in my new favorite green dress (from Barcelona) and I would wear it all the time if I could. It’s the perfect size – I’ve never had anything with this good of a fit. And the fabric is comfy and thick (with zero chance of static), which I love. And I paired it with a blazer that is like fall foliage in clothing form. I just love the mix of these colors. I feel like I’m wearing fall.

ootd summer and fall

So what have you guys been up to? What are your favorite things to wear during fall? (I’m sure I’ll whip out a post or two soon about my favorites like scarves and wool socks!)

Dress to Impress: Dresses for All Occasions

I’ve lately had a bit of a shopping fever, I’m all the time browsing online stores for pretty clothes, even if I don’t actually buy anything. But that’s the fun of online shopping!

Rosa Novias* is a store specializing in dresses for every occasion: they sell prom dresses, wedding dresses, plus size bridesmaid dresses, graduation dresses, maternity bridesmaid dresses, and any other dresses you can imagine with affordable prices. They also carry frocks in several silhouettes, so you are sure to find one that flatters your figure.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite cocktail dresses from their site:

chiffon dress flower prom dress a line dress

I love this first cocktail dress because it’s so romantic. Perfect for a date night, I’d say! The second dress is a lovely one for prom – or at least it’s something I would wear if we had a prom here in Finland, which we don’t! It’s fun, flirty and youthful. The third dress is a great bridesmaid dress – no one wants their bridesmaids looking frumpy! Also, I feel that ruching is flattering on everyone because it helps hide those little flaws that one might feel insecure about.

satin bridesmaid dress elegant beaded dress sheath wedding dress

This purple one is also a great bridesmaid dress: I absolutely adore the color because it’s so rich and enticing. And the wedding dresses here are gorgeous – light, airy, romantic, and simple. I’m a big believer in simplicity when it comes to wedding dresses!

And best of all, each of these dresses is under 200 dollars, which is great for someone on a budget (like me). They also come in a variety of colors so you can choose one that works with your complexion and hair color.


*This post is sponsored by Rosa Novias but all opinions are my own!