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Life Lately: Fall Semester Shenanigans

life lately

This semester has been really crazy: I took a lot of courses for my MA studies and somehow in between all my classes I managed to have some resemblance of a social life as well as travel a bit.

When summer was ending and school only starting, we did a short weekend trip to my boyfriend’s cabin, which was a great was to get away from the busy everyday life. We also celebrated our third anniversary shortly after that. I was involved in some events for the new freshmen, which was a great way to get into the swing of things at school.

I also managed to have time for the art fair and a trip to Suomenlinna and to Tallinn.

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I also saw the first football game of my life this fall – Ari dragged me to the Finland vs. Romania match, which was surprisingly entertaining even for me (I have never followed sports of any kind).

Midway through the semester I went to the book fair (an annual visit for me) and then I visited Ireland for the first time ever. I loved that trip and everyone there was incredibly friendly.

I’ve been doing a lot of work, running the Helsinki chapter of Her Campus. For our Snapshot articles, I’ve attended a lot of art shows, which is a lot of fun!

The last Hobbit just came out and we went to line up for the midnight premiere tickets for the special night event, which effectively destroyed our sleep rhythm.

We also organized a Her Campus Helsinki bake sale, which was a big hit. Now, classes are over and we just have our finals left, which is something we had to celebrate with some Chinese food in Kaisaniemi.

christmas helsinki

Christmas is almost here and I can’t believe how fast the fall semester went by! Hopefully 2015 will be just as amazing as this year!

My current goals

laurakurkiEveryone has certain goals in life – but whether those are a career in something they are passionate about, marrying the dream guy or staying in touch with all your friends, it depends on the person. I wanted to share with you my current goals for the near future. Maybe if they’re out there for all the world to see I’ll be more inclined to do something about them.

It’s hard trying to stick to your dreams and continue trying to fulfill them when you’re constantly swamped with school and work. One thing that can help is drawing up a list of your goals and commit to fulfilling maybe three of them in a year. This way you won’t feel like you have to have time to do everything but you’ll still feel satisfied about having followed through with some of your goals at the end of the year.
My goals for the next few years are:

  • learn how to use InDesign
  • go to an actual photography course
  • travel as much as possible
  • do an internship
  • graduate with BA (this is SO close already!) and MA
  • start writing more actual letters
  • keep better contact with those friends who live abroad
  • draw/write/craft more
  • stop being so lazy (seriously!)
  • exercise more – and get better/more flexible in yoga!
  • drink more water (I don’t know why I have such unhealthy eating/drinking habits)
  • I know how to use Photoshop but I want to learn it better
  • I’d like to do a course or in general study a bit about marketing/advertising/copy-writing/publishing
  • I’d love to do volunteer work abroad at some point
  • continue growing and developing this blog

These are just some of my goals and I’m sure I won’t follow all of them but I’ll definitely try.

What are some of our dreams and goals? I’d love to hear about them and about your progress!