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Goodbye 2018: Recap of the Year

Another year has passed and we have entered 2019. 2018 was definitely a whirlwind: a new job as an editor in a publishing house has kept me incredibly busy from beginning to end but I wouldn’t wish for anything else. I’ve had a steep learning curve with the new responsibilities and I’ve had some speed bumps along the way. However, there have luckily been also relaxing and fun moments: I managed to see a few art exhibitions, went to Frankfurt (although for a work trip) and spent Christmas in Morocco (posts of both travels to come).


My annual visit to the Helsinki Book Fair was a blast as usual (though most of it was spent working) and my second time at the Helsinki Young Adult Literary Festival (Hel-YA!) was also incredibly fun and inspirational. I love that YA is getting more visibility in Finland every year.

Thanks to my job, I got to check out the Mortal Engines movie in the new (and first) IMAX theater that just so happens to be located pretty close to my home. The VIP screening had fabulous buffet and the movie was a fun way to enter into the Christmas season.


I also went a friend to see Imogen Heap perform. We have both been into her music since high school and the performance was such a nostalgia trip. It was also one of the most interesting, quirky and entertaining concerts I’ve been to.

The year ended on a high with a five day trip to Marrakech, which has been on my travel bucket list (which is a mile long) for a long time.

I hope next year will be slightly more even and slow-going than 2018 but still exciting. I’m not making any hard rules for myself but am hoping to get into better shape, read even more (a bit every evening) and be more forgiving to myself. Also, I want to make an effort of seeing my friends more often instead of burrowing into the couch or bed right after work.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? What was the highlight of your year?