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Link Round-Up: February -18

Long time no link round-up. Here are some things that piqued my interest this past month.

Link roundup

    • Nightly rituals to help with anxiety


Link Round-Up: November -15

Link round-up

Time for another link round-up: here are my November favorites. This time I gathered quite a few of the articles I’ve written during this fall for online magazines as well as a few pieces from last Spring.

btsb link round-up

Better Than Sliced Bread:

Travel articles: IstanbulIndonesiafandom hunting in London, and photo article on Scotland

Gaming tips

Advice for new freshmen

Article on fitness

Is Outlander as the feminist answer to Game of Thrones or just smut fluff?

Blogging as an Industry of Sharing

Talk about book trailers

HC Helsinki link round-up

Her Campus Helsinki:

Helsinki Book Fair 2015

Night of the Arts

Travel pieces: Espoo and Galway

Cat cafe trip

An interview with the founders of HC Helsinki (one of them being me!)


Additional Articles and Links

My article about budget travel in Tallinn on Pink Pangea

Cute outfits inspired by Man Up film on Sara’s blog

Real talk about STDs from a friend of mine

How to plan ahead

Link Round-Up: May -15

I haven’t done a link round-up in quite a long while so here you go: some of my favorite bits and things from around the internet. I think it’s a pretty nice selection of Game of Thrones and other fangirl-y things as well as cats. Because no post is complete without cats ;)

Link round-up

Game of Thrones stars doing normal things – strange!

A Girl, Obsessed” lists great blog post ideas.

Pretty Little Liars reaction GIFs featuring Shay Mitchell.

J.K. Rowling being her usual Sass Queen on Twitter.

This would be perfect for us and Merlin the kitty.

An interesting love related experiment.

Super amazing Harry Potter travel destinations.

Brilliant interview with Olivia Wilde – edited by Olivia Wilde.

Beautiful English words on Buzzfeed.

This adorable Vine of a sleepy kitty.

Link Round-Up: September -14

Link roundup

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a link round-up, so here you go:

Check out this list for things that no one tells you about being a Harry Potter fanatic  (I hope you’re just as obsessed as I am!)

Some lesser known facts about Harry Potters

This little chart from 9GAG perfectly pictures my levels of being awake:

And this on the other hand, I feel depicts life with Instagram (here’s a good chance to check out mine) quite nicely:

My wonderful friend Vanessa is blogging about her exchange year in Hong Kong and EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!

I’m currently obsessing over Outlander and wanted you to check out the cuteness of the main actors!

And if you’re already familiar with Outlander, here’s a list of the reasons why Sam Heughan is the perfect Jamie


This round-up was a bit short but I guess it shows well what I obsess over :P