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What I Wore: Fall OOTD (or Two)

So, I haven’t done OOTD posts in a while so I decided to post two in one :D I’ve generally been a little absent because I actually continued working even after school started so I’m writing for three magazines, working the occasional shift, and writing my Master’s thesis all at the same time. Busy – who, me?

So anyways, here are my two favorite outfits from this fall: one with a light blue top and a green skirt. I really like this one – I’ve had that skirt forever because I can’t seem to let it go. And, for once, I’m wearing glasses.

The second look is me in my new favorite green dress (from Barcelona) and I would wear it all the time if I could. It’s the perfect size – I’ve never had anything with this good of a fit. And the fabric is comfy and thick (with zero chance of static), which I love. And I paired it with a blazer that is like fall foliage in clothing form. I just love the mix of these colors. I feel like I’m wearing fall.

ootd summer and fall

So what have you guys been up to? What are your favorite things to wear during fall? (I’m sure I’ll whip out a post or two soon about my favorites like scarves and wool socks!)

Graduation Memories

Last week, after three years of hard work, I finally got my Bachelor’s Degree in English Philology. We had a graduation ceremony at the university where all the names of Bachelor graduates were read out loud and we were given our certificates. At times, I felt like giving up because I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown – especially during this Spring…and all because I was hell-bent on working myself even harder than I needed to. But in the end it paid off and I was really happy to get my papers.


I had decided that I didn’t want a big party so instead we had dinner on M/S Doris again – this time on the evening cruise, which lasts for two and a half hours. The food was delicious, as usual, and the company was great. My family and Ari’s family were  there and that’s all I needed. Even the rainy weather didn’t dampen our mood.

For me, this degree doesn’t feel like more than a pit stop because I’m continuing with my Master’s Degree in September but it is a huge accomplishment nonetheless. I can’t even describe how amazing these last three years at the university have been; I have been able to come out of my shell (more than ever before, at least) and gotten to know many amazing people. Writing for the English students’ webzine, being a tutor and doing a study trip in England are only few of the truly amazing experiences I’ve had there. I can’t wait to start my second (!!) degree and create many more wonderful memories :D And maybe another graduation post…


Why University Is Best Time of Your Life

As my time doing the BA is closing to an end I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past three years at the university. I came up with some reasons why this has definitely been some of the best time of my life – and why it’ll probably be the same for most people.

  • You’ll go to some of the greatest parties: I’ve been to an American college party (those red cups!! :D ), movie party to which I dressed up as Miranda from Sex and the City, English tea party, etc.
  • You’ll learn to live on a budget! When you have no income and you’re trying to get by with the little bit of money that the government gives to students and whatever you manage to save up from your summer work, you will most definitely learn how to manage your finances. No more impromptu shopping or going out to eat whenever you feel like it.
  • You get to participate in activities that will give you useful skills for the future: I’ve learned writing skills from being in our student paper BTSB as well as leadership and activity planning skills from being a tutor for the freshmen.
  • You’ll get the luxury of incorporating your own interests into your studies: so far I’ve gotten to write an essay on feminism in Gilmore Girls; western movie influences in fantasy shows like Charmed, Buffy, and Supernatural; and now I’m doing my thesis on language use in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I’m also on a food culture course right now where our final project involves cooking and next month I’ll be doing an intensive Beatles course.
  • You’ll gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences: I went to a Shakespeare study trip to Stratford and saw Billy Boyd and David Tennant. My. Life. Complete.
  • You get to hear from inspiring lecturers – there is nothing more amazing than listening to a truly inspiring teacher who talks about the things that you eventually want to pursue in life (in my case, translation and writing).
  • You make amazing friends who will stay with you, hopefully as long as you live! :)

university life
First picture features Billy Boyd from Macbeth (although most of us know him from LotR. And that’d be me in my English philology overalls :)