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3 Cute Looks for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been on a bit of hiatus since I had to find a job after my previous contract ended. But now, a month after starting my new job, I thought I’d return with an outfit post. Valentine’s Day is coming around again, which means some of us will celebrate by doing something special with our significant others or our friends. Whether you’re completely into the day of love or prefer to have a chill night with your mates, here are a few outfits for different kinds of Valentine’s Day plans.

Valentine's Looks 2018


I’m most likely going to opt for a chill night in with the hubby, a trip to the movie theater at the most, since I’m usually too tired after a long day at work (and we’ve had different celebrations pretty much every weekend since last November). However, if you’re lucky enough to have really special plans, why not doll up a bit? ;)

Are you doing something to celebrate Valentine’s?

(Really Late) Valentine’s Day Recap

I now this is really late but I still wanted to post this just because I really had a great time on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Recap

So, I got roses as the first thing for Valentine’s Day. Couldn’t have hoped for a better start. I love getting flowers – I never buy them myself but I love having some around the house.

We had made reservations at a restaurant and bought tickets to see Shaun the Sheep movie. The movie was super cute (although it was slightly strange watching the movie among so many kids) and a nice feel-good flick for the Valentine’s Day.


Here’s some pictures from the fabulous restaurant we ate at: Mamma Rosa. I can still taste the deliciousness of the food…

I had prawn soup for starters, salmon with lobster risotto for the entree and a lava cake for dessert. Pure brilliance!


I’m gonna keep this post very short and sweet because Valentine’s was a while ago already but I just wanted to show how lovely it was! Of course, it was nice then to go home together and have a nice cup of tea before getting a good night’s sleep after a long week. But I think it really is important to have these kinds of days when you just treat yourself and your significant other and splurge a bit on a romantic date night. Of course, it shouldn’t be tied to just one day of the year either :)