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#YearOfHappy: I Went Thrifting

yearofhappy This month’s #YearOfHappy linkup, hosted by the lovely Elizabeth at October June and Allison at Allisonleighann, instructed us to go thrifting (or to a Dollar Store, but we don’t really have those here) so I went to a couple of flea markets at Seinäjoki, while I was visiting my mom last weekend.

I try and avoid buying too many things on a whim but since these items were so cheap, I didn’t have a problem getting them. So, the light brown cardigan I got because no one can ever have too many chunky knits. This is perfect while it’s still cold but I want to wear a thin, summery top underneath. And the plaid tunic is so my style, that I couldn’t not get it. I love the bright colors and it’s casual enough for daily wear but it’s not like one of my winter-y flannel plaid shirts.


(Ugh, I do not like the quality of these pictures, but of course I waited until evening to take them and completely lost all the natural light…)

I try to mainly buy functional clothes that I can wear a lot and these two definitely fit the bill…Also, I didn’t really find much else – but I guess it’s a good thing, because it must mean I have pretty much everything I could want or need :)

#YearOfHappy – A Love Letter to Myself

#YearOfHappy is Here!

#YearOfHappyI decided to take part in the #YearOfHappy linkup that October June and Allisonleighann are hosting in pursuit of a more positive attitude (and perhaps also a more regular blogging schedule). This month’s topic is “A Love Letter to Myself”.

I felt extremely flustered last year: from writing my Bachelor’s Thesis to running the Her Campus Helsinki chapter and writing for our student paper, I just had so much on my plate that I don’t know how I managed. But now, I am so grateful I participated in all those things because ultimately they made my year busy and fulfilling and made me feel super accomplished.

This year looks like it’s going to be just as busy but this time I’m less scared. I know I can pull it off and I’m eager to start working on all of my projects. I have so many great people helping me in all my endeavours that there’s no way I can fail!

So, I’d like to just remind myself, if you feel swamped/stressed/anxious, take a deep breath and step back – it’s not really that bad! You’re not in a hurry to get your Master’s, you don’t need to be best in everything, and you certainly don’t need to achieve everything RIGHT NOW. There’s time. So enjoy all the little moments and don’t forget to have fun.

Here’s a little reminder list of all the great things in my life right now:

  • Merlin the kittykat#YearOfHappy Roses
  • my boyfriend
  • amazing friends
  • BA and hopefully soon MA degree
  • Her Campus Helsinki and my lovely writing team
  • BTSB magazine
  • Lukufiilis magazine
  • a wonderful apartment
  • supportive family
  • my health
  • so many books to read…
  • all the travels I’ve done and the trips I’m going to do
  • my blog :)