Traveling to Tallinn

cruise tallinn

This week I took a cruise to Tallinn with my boyfriend’s mom who was kind enough to take me there :) I’ve been to Tallinn many times but it still hasn’t lost its charm – especially the Old Town, which is as beautiful as ever. Our hotel was right in the middle of the Old Town so we had all the amazing restaurants and little boutiques nearby.


Our first night we went to a Russian restaurant Troika, which has great traditional Russian foods (the salmon I would recommend to everyone; the restaurant is on the edge of the town square in Old Town). Our hotel breakfast was in a traditional Estonian restaurant that was next to our hotel (St. Petersbourg).

Most of my shopping was done in Viru Keskus, which is a huge mall with tons of fashionable (and cheap) stores. I found some great items from the summer sales.

I will soon be posting more photos from the cruise as well as a haul post so stay tuned!

  • Yeah, Viru Keskus is great. :) I like your picture collages. Was the Russian restaurant expensive?

    • I love Viru Keskus – best stores (also, I found some REALLY nice clothes for the coming school year!!). Thanks hon! And the restaurant was a bit maybe on the pricier side (at least, if you want student prices) but it was definitely worth it; the food was great :)

      • And Terranova. :D Did you go there? They usually always have a sale going on. I’ll consider the restaurant the next time I go there. :) I usually travel with my dad and I know he’d definitely like that.

        • Didn’t go there this time – somehow the time just flew by so fast that I only managed to go around in Old Town and visit Viru Keskus (twice :P I saw Anna there the second day). Oh you should definitely take your dad there!