Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Oh the nostalgia – it’s been such a long time since the last time I got to gush over a new Harry Potter book!

I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as soon as it came out but I wanted to think about it first for a while before writing anything. Then my internship started and it got pushed even further. But here are some of my thoughts on the new play (in the book format…actual play review will come only in January when I get to see it).

cursed child harry potter

I get the feeling that a lot of people are disappointed in Cursed Child because it doesn’t present as vivid of a world as the originals…but how could it? It’s a play that is supposed to work on stage with the emotions of the actors and props guiding the story. A play in a book format is only the lines of the actors so naturally it doesn’t feel quite as engaging as a regular narrative.

I did find the writing somewhat fanfiction-y but I didn’t feel like it was too distracting. However, I can completely understand why it would bug a lot of people the wrong way. Overall though, I really liked Cursed Child. I guess Harry Potter will always have me under a spell ;)

cursed child


The following are some thoughts I had while reading the book:

  • Ah, feels good to be reading about Hogwarts again.
  • Go Hermione! Such a witch boss!
  • I don’t believe that Cedric would’ve turned into a Death Eater based on one humiliating moment in his life. He was heroic and a Hufflepuff – not exactly one to join the dark forces.
  • I love visiting old characters.
  • Scorpius is my spirit animal!
  • Why is Albus so annoying?! …oh right, he’s angst-y like his dad in the fifth book.
  • Time travel is always so friggin complicated.
  • I can’t really imagine Voldemort having kids. At least not in any natural way – perhaps with magic so that it would be as sterile and emotionless as possible.
  • Harry isn’t the greatest dad, I have to admit.
  • I wish there was more magic and spells in this book – other than the timey wimey stuff.

Did you like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?